Picture of Zippered Bag
This easy little lined, zippered pouch is suitable for the novice sewer. Make the bag with cotton for a travel or cosmetic bag; use denim or vinyl and a jeans zipper to make a more masculine version, or use velvet or lace to make a quick evening bag. Click here to view the video version of this tutorial.

Step 1: Materials & Prep

Picture of Materials & Prep
Cut 4 pieces of fabric (2 outer, and 2 lining) – width of the fabric should be equal to the length of the full zipper, length the pouch fabric
should be about 2/3 the width (example using a 9” zipper, cut your fabric 9” X 6”). If you’re purchasing fabric for this project, fat quarters
from the quilters section of your fabric store will work well, and provide enough fabric for 2 bags.
euSadnamA2 years ago
what's the fabric name of the first picture?
deChez (author)  euSadnamA2 years ago
The blue bag was made from a couple of fat quarters of quilters cotton that I purchased at Joann fabrics a few years ago.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very nice!