Picture of Zippered Face in Photoshop - Graphic!
Warning, this image is horrifying! If you want to create the same effect on one of your photos, then just follow the steps in my Instructable. To create this effect, I used Adobe Photoshop, my main image, a zipper image which I altered and an image of a slab of meat. I am providing the zipper image (in a transparent .png file) and the meat image for you to download and use! If you have any issues downloading the zipper file as a .png, then you can download it directly from my site here. If you want to add drops or splatters of blood, you can download some blood effect brushes online here or another site of your choice.

Step 1: Add Zipper & Select Raw Face Area

Picture of Add Zipper & Select Raw Face Area
First, open your image. Then open up the zipper graphic as well and drag it into your image as a new layer. If you need to alter the placement of the zipper, you can make simple changes to it by selecting its layer, then going to EDIT, TRANSFORM. If you only need to edit the edge so it wraps around your face better, then take the Rectangular or Square Marquee tool, select only the edge (see photo for full details) and then go to EDIT, TRANSFORM, WARP. From there you can drag points to pull or push it around in any direction.

Once that's done, make sure you have a duplicate layer of the normal face. Then go to that duplicate layer, grab the pen tool and select the skin of the face enclosed under the zipper. I decided to do this part of the face separate from the neck - as the effect looked better that way. You can do it either way as you need to take the same steps to achieve the effects on both parts of the face. Once selected all the way around, then Right click, Make Selection (2 px Feather). There are a couple ways of doing the next step. To make things easier, we will then go to Edit, Copy. Then File, New - then hit PASTE to paste in this chunk of the face. Duplicate the layer.
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1024 Web Solutions made it!10 months ago

I missed some details. Not bad, 2nd time playing with Photoshop.

2014-08-30 21.59.jpg

this link "http://www.manncodesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/zipperonly.png" is dead...

eddevine1 year ago
Wow, fantastic love your work
cglaw20131 year ago
that's mind blowiing
billbillt2 years ago
Very creepy and VERY cool!!
triumphman2 years ago
Too pretty to mess with!
aelec2 years ago
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Horrible... but awesome! I love it!!!
HollyMann (author)  M.C. Langer2 years ago
Thank you..it is disgusting! :) My son walked in when I was designing it and he said I have traumatized him!!! :) But he's fine now I suppose!
LOL! :-)
TidyKeeper2 years ago
This was my Halloween costume 2011. I'll get around to an instructable one of these days.
HollyMann (author)  TidyKeeper2 years ago
WOW!!!!!!!!! You should post an instructable! that is a great costume...takes a bold person to pull that off - really gross but awesome!
imbyteme2 years ago
what version of cs are you using there are some differences from this to cs5
EET19822 years ago
Really awesome!!!
shazni2 years ago
So Glad you won! :-) enjoy your prize :-D
glade the judges figured you are a grand prize winner!
doodlecraft2 years ago
Hey Congrats on your BIG win! I knew it was a winner! :) Great job!
HollyMann (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
Thank you! Congrats to You TOO! Yours was awesome also! :) You have some great instructables!
mickeypop2 years ago
I love it, so I had some time and did it with a twist.

Found a skull and spine on the web and made the zipper open to the bones instead of the muscle.

Perfect for Halloween.
HollyMann (author)  mickeypop2 years ago
That's a good idea Mickey! If you can upload it so we can see it that would be awesome too! :) Thanks for the comment!
valveman2 years ago
Scary goodness!
HollyMann (author)  valveman2 years ago
Thanks valveman!!!
lgiuliani2 years ago
Good job Holly...it's creepy good!
Vika842 years ago
Spooky but a great job! 5 stars and a vote! :-)
zomfibame2 years ago
HollyMann (author)  zomfibame2 years ago
thank you Zomfibame! :)
dagob2 years ago
Wow!!! That is incredible!!! I'd like to try it out but the zipper file of yours is in JPEG, how do I download the PNG file? I really want to try it out! thanks!
HollyMann (author)  dagob2 years ago
Ok I tried to reupload it here but it became a jpg again..I'll have to investigate into how to fix that later. For now, I have uploaded it here: http://www.manncodesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/zipperonly.png for you to download directly!
HollyMann (author)  dagob2 years ago
thanks dagob. I think instructables may have converted it...hmm..i will upload it again and post a comment to let you know! :)
adamadkison2 years ago
This was a lot of fun to do! I only have photoshop elements so some features like Warp I had to leave out. Great instructable and good instructions, thanks!
HollyMann (author)  adamadkison2 years ago
Nice job Adam on the pic - gross!! Glad the instructions helped! I tried finding something similar to warp for elements and I found this: Filters>Distort>Liquify - not sure if that might help!
jiek2 years ago
...awesome!!! It's a great job! kudos!
HollyMann (author)  jiek2 years ago
Thank you Jiek!!!
Tomdf2 years ago
whewy that is creepin me out man.
HollyMann (author)  Tomdf2 years ago
Yeah my son walked in as I was finishing it up and said the same thing!!! It is gory
shazni2 years ago
This is sooo cool...you and alian in an Holly mask!...yep...you have my vote!
HollyMann (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thank you Shazni!!
rrkrose2 years ago
I rated this 5 stars and while I was doing that I saw that 5 stars means gorgeous. I'm not sure if that's an accurate description of this instructable! LOL.
HollyMann (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
Thanks rrkrose! That's pretty funny! :) I appreciate the rating even though the instructable is the farthest thing from gorgeous! I'll take it! lol
That is incredibly gross and creepy! Nice job!
HollyMann (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Hey Penolopy I have a question! I put this in the wrong category - should have been in Halloween ...do you know how I can fix that as it won't let me? Thanks...
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