Step 3: Creating a Larger Cheek and Flap of Skin

Now to the fun part - extending out the cheek! There are several ways to do this - and here is the easiest! First, please note that I accidentally grabbed more than the cheek when doing it, I grabbed some hair along with it. This is easily fixable and I'll show you how. It still looks awesome though.

Take the Pen Tool out again, and make points around the cheek where you want to extend it out. See image as to how I did it. Then once you go around to the starting point, you'll need to MAKE SELECTION and feather it 2 px. Then go to EDIT, TRANSFORM, WARP. Move the points around, pull them as needed to get that cheek curved properly without distorting it too much! If you have any issues with objects near it looking odd, like my hair problem. Please refer to graphics below on how to easily blend and fix those up.

Also, if you want your red face below to be pulled and distorted to fill in some of that space more, just do the exact same technique on that layer.