Step 4: Finishing Touches

Finishing touches! At some point it's a good idea to add a drop shadow to the zipper and you can also change the effects on it to bevel it so it looks more real.

I took a soft brush with a very low opacity and 0 level of hardness, then sampled the color of the cheek where I wanted to highlight, then changed that color to make it slightly brighter - then used the brush to make some highlights on parts of the cheek. I did this to make it look more real and a little shinier in spots.

I used a "scar" brush to make the skin near the top of the zipper look a little indented. The brush was downloaded online - then I made the color of it the skin color and messed around with the effects - adding a little bevel to make it look like it does.

The scab on the cheek was also created with a brush!

If you have any questions please let me know. I tried to make a video tutorial but my software wasn't working so I tried to make these graphics as detailed as possible! Good luck!!!
<p>Worked on this in my early photoshop days.</p><p></p>
<p>I cannot download the zipper from your page because it doesn't seem to open up. Overall, great idea!!!</p>
<p>I missed some details. Not bad, 2nd time playing with Photoshop. </p>
<p>well done </p>
<p>this link &quot;http://www.manncodesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/zipperonly.png&quot; is dead...</p>
Wow, fantastic love your work
Very creepy and VERY cool!!
Too pretty to mess with!
lovely <br>
Horrible... but awesome! I love it!!!
Thank you..it is disgusting! :) My son walked in when I was designing it and he said I have traumatized him!!! :) But he's fine now I suppose!
LOL! :-)
This was my Halloween costume 2011. I'll get around to an instructable one of these days.
WOW!!!!!!!!! You should post an instructable! that is a great costume...takes a bold person to pull that off - really gross but awesome!
what version of cs are you using there are some differences from this to cs5
Really awesome!!!
So Glad you won! :-) enjoy your prize :-D <br>glade the judges figured you are a grand prize winner!
Hey Congrats on your BIG win! I knew it was a winner! :) Great job!
Thank you! Congrats to You TOO! Yours was awesome also! :) You have some great instructables!
I love it, so I had some time and did it with a twist. <br> <br>Found a skull and spine on the web and made the zipper open to the bones instead of the muscle. <br> <br>Perfect for Halloween. <br>
That's a good idea Mickey! If you can upload it so we can see it that would be awesome too! :) Thanks for the comment!
Scary goodness!
Thanks valveman!!!
Good job Holly...it's creepy good!
Spooky but a great job! 5 stars and a vote! :-)
thank you Zomfibame! :)
Wow!!! That is incredible!!! I'd like to try it out but the zipper file of yours is in JPEG, how do I download the PNG file? I really want to try it out! thanks!
Ok I tried to reupload it here but it became a jpg again..I'll have to investigate into how to fix that later. For now, I have uploaded it here: http://www.manncodesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/zipperonly.png for you to download directly!
thanks dagob. I think instructables may have converted it...hmm..i will upload it again and post a comment to let you know! :)
This was a lot of fun to do! I only have photoshop elements so some features like Warp I had to leave out. Great instructable and good instructions, thanks!
Nice job Adam on the pic - gross!! Glad the instructions helped! I tried finding something similar to warp for elements and I found this: Filters&gt;Distort&gt;Liquify - not sure if that might help!
...awesome!!! It's a great job! kudos! <br>
Thank you Jiek!!!
whewy that is creepin me out man.
Yeah my son walked in as I was finishing it up and said the same thing!!! It is gory
This is sooo cool...you and alian in an Holly mask!...yep...you have my vote!
Thank you Shazni!!
I rated this 5 stars and while I was doing that I saw that 5 stars means gorgeous. I'm not sure if that's an accurate description of this instructable! LOL.
Thanks rrkrose! That's pretty funny! :) I appreciate the rating even though the instructable is the farthest thing from gorgeous! I'll take it! lol
That is incredibly gross and creepy! Nice job!
Hey Penolopy I have a question! I put this in the wrong category - should have been in Halloween ...do you know how I can fix that as it won't let me? Thanks...
It's moved :)
Thanks Penolopy - it is disgusting!
Suitably creepy...kudos to you!
Thansk Valhallas!!!

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