Picture of Zippo Trick: The Twilight Zone
Want a dirt simple Zippo trick that will amaze people again and again? Then try out this one called Twilight Zone. All you need is a Zippo lighter and a few minutes to practice.

I've seen this done before on different sites so I didn't create it. I'm just showing it so that more people can know about it and get free drinks at bars from their friends.

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Step 1: Prep Your Lighter

Picture of Prep Your Lighter
Getting your lighter ready for this trick is easy. Stick your pinky finger or a pen inside the lighter and curve the wick towards the hinge. Just make sure that the lighter hasn't been used recently or you'll burn yourself, OK?

Curving the wick creates a small pocket where a smaller blue flame can still burn even while the main flame has been put out.

Easy, right? Now let's do it.

Step 2: Pinch the Flame

Picture of Pinch the Flame
take away.jpg
First of all, make sure that you're indoors and there's no draft. This trick can live and die by air circulation.

So light up your Zippo and pinch off the flame. This is done by putting your thumb and index finger together and closing off the flame by moving them across the top of the chimney.

If you do it right, you'll see a small blue flame caught under the curved wick. If it's not working, tilt the lighter a little bit to the outside and try again. This gives a better angle for the wick and makes it easier for the flame to get caught.

If you're still having problems, try adjusting the wick again. Just make sure to let the lighter cool off before you touch it.

Assuming you have the trick going properly, talk about how you're holding the flame in your hand, how cool Prometheus was, or whatever else to keep the suspense going.

Step 3: Bring the Flame Back

Picture of Bring the Flame Back
Getting the flame to reappear is as simple as giving the lighter a tiny shake. This will jostle the flame enough to let it spread and burst out the top of the lighter.

To distract anyone watching, make some movement with your other hand. Open it up so it looks like you put the flame that you were holding this whole time back into it. Or you can snap your fingers. Or say "redrum" really frickin' loudly. Make something up.

Step 4: Look, No Hands!

Picture of Look, No Hands!
For a variation, place the lighter on a table and carefully pinch of the flame. Leave it alone and to light it back up push your hand right up to it. The air movement will light it up again.

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Badetise2 years ago
awesome, the looks on people's faces are priceless, thanks so much
Class trick. Can't wait to try it out!! Thanks for the Instructable!
atan183 years ago
can this be done by other brand lighters? from where i come from zippo is expensive.
fungus amungus (author)  atan183 years ago
It will only work with a wick lighter. Haven't tried any others besides Zippo.
sassimo033 years ago
Im just blown away on how simple this little trick is. Awesome.
it works with starlighter too :D
i ask my mom can i have her and she said yeh im 13 lol
im 10 and ive got 2 zippos
lol i am 15 and i have about six plus a few windproof ones!
all zippos are windproof...
i meant a few jet lighters.

if you are ten you are to young to be on instructables so you had to lie abot your age so you lied about your age

I said im ten to refer to my friend whos ten who bought one becuase it sounds cheesy when you say,ohh my friend got one and hes only 10 blah
ok then nvm...
im just wonderin, do u need a id to get them? If not how much $$$ do i need?
well i bought them with my dad and i got mine for $2 so i dont know about the id
I'm 14 and bought one off eBay :p
im 11 and have one and a lighter collection with like 15 lghters....
are they fueled?
.....Uhh, Yea, duh, all almost empty from messing around...
"yea, of course they're fuelled, they're all almost empty" haha
A mum or a zippo? lol
i bought one off of my friend at school
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! INCEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disturbing... lol
This sounds a tad bit wrong........
LMFAO!!!!!! xD
lol, agreed. but i think we both know what he means. or atleast i hope we do.
lupusXIII5 years ago
can it be one of those cheep lighters (you know the colourful ones with the see through cases) or does it have to be zippo
only zippos have wicks
Argh ive been trying so hard but it wont work :(
this can get me a lot of women in pubs!
very goood!
gl0rious4 years ago
i just took out my old zippo after 2 years and the fuel had leaked all over the inside + when i lit it there was a ginormous fireball 2ft across!!!
dpr6 years ago
does this burn u?
nope, done properly you should feel a slight bit of heat cause your fingers are in contact with the flame for a brief second
but what if not done correctly?
then you might get a small burn
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