Introduction: ZIPPO TRICK: the Squeeze

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Step 1: Gripping

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Place the lighter side ways on your index and middle finger....... Make sure the hinge is facing up....... Grip the cap with your thumb and index finger firmly.... So that the lighter doesn't come flying out

Step 2: Flip

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While gripping the cap make sure that the end of the lighter is pushed against the bottom part of your index finger..... Look at picture for better explanation....... From there push on the bottom half of the cap with your middle finger.... If you do this correctly it should rotate the lighter through the bottom of the hole between your fingers and through the top....... Doing this fast enough opens the lighter.....

Step 3: Light

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No that the lighter is flipped open... Slide it back into your hand and light it using your thumb..... CONGRADULATIONS you can now do the trick.... If you found this helpful at all please favourite and comment.... Also if you have any QUESTIONS!!!!!


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