ZIPPO TRICK: Blind Light





Introduction: ZIPPO TRICK: Blind Light

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Step 1: Grip

This is how you are going to want to grip the zippo...... Thumb on the back side, hinge up, and your index and middle finger bent on and pressed onto the front side

Step 2: The General Action

Step 3: Lift

Slide your ring finger against the side of the zippo..... With just enough pressure and speed the cap will be lifted away

Step 4: Light

Quickly bring your ring finger back down..... While bringing it down make sure that it runs against the flint wheel igniting the flame

Step 5: Yeeeee

Snap the lid shut..... CONGRADULATIONS you can now do this trick.... It may take a while to get consistently but it's all about figuring out your preference on grip



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    I'm not sure...... But I call it "Blind Light" because while done fast enough you cannot see the person lighting it

    Yes there are.... Check out my profile..... I am also learning more and going to be posting them

    Are there any more zippo tricks?

    Are there any more zippo tricks?