Zippo Trick: the Squeeze





Introduction: Zippo Trick: the Squeeze

I was showing my friends the zippo trick called the twilight zone posted by Fungus Amungus, but they didnt look so impressed as I hoped. I searched the internet finally finding this one. BUT the instructions blowed. I wanted this to be as easy as possible. Here is what I got. Enjoy.

Step 1: How to and Tips

The video is the how to, and the pictures tell how it should be. I am sorry about the video, it is blurry.

PRACTICE IT BEFORE YOU COMMENT, you'll eventually get it.

Put your middle finger and your pointer finger on the top, and your thumb on the bottom. Have the hinge on your left. Now in one quick motion squeeze with your fingers, top two fingers slide down, and your thumb slides up. The zippo magically opens.

At the top of the lighter, keeping your two fingers near the edge of it makes it somewhat easier.

Step 2: Impress Your Friends

Practice and you will perfect it. Do the squeeze and then finish it off with the twilight zone. That will be enough for someone to say "How the hell did you do that". Comments are welcome but be nice.



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    How do you add the footnotes on pictures

    I love this trick but I havent practiced it that much. good to see a fellow instructabler passing this trick on
    oh and by the way... I havent done this in a long time so dont critize me plz critiqueing only

    I have the same Zippo. Mine's been through quite a bit though, so in some small spots the black has chipped off. Nice choice though :) Mine is E 08, what's yours?


    where can I get that desine

    Mines A 07 I think, my brother "misplaced" it :( Now I have a normal street chrome zippo, I really miss my old one

    You never really know what attachment to something is, until you have a Zippo haha.

    I hope you find it soon.
    I mean, even your avatar is the bio-hazard sign haha.

    i want a zippo like that. i have a lighter made by sailor jerry ( a rum company) it's not bad, but it's tough to do tricks