I just go over some zippo tricking philosophy on what I believe makes a trick "good" as well as some advice for doing zippo tricks.

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I have a few suggestions for you, I'm not criticizing out of badness, I clicked on this because I'm interested in zippo tricks, in fact I've published a couple of relatively popular instructables on them, but I couldn't get more than 2:28 in to your video.&nbsp;<br> <br> You need to be more concise and maybe script it up a bit, the slow pace with a lot of umms and ahhhs makes it very hard to keep watching. &nbsp;Ok my included videos were simple shorts demonstrating each trick, to go with the 'ible, yours is freestanding.&nbsp;<br> <br> The other thing is that some different shots might keep attention a little better.&nbsp;<br> <br> Your tutorials are good though I wish they were more than one trick per tutorial, but that's probably a personal preference thing...
Thanks for the feedback. I'm still kinda new to the whole video making thing. I think that once I get more experience the pauses will become less frequent.<br><br>I never really liked scripting things because it seems so unnatural. And in some of my other videos when I tried outlining things I just come off as sounding even more nervous so now I try to just let the words come out naturally.
Well you don't have to make a script but writing down what you want to say, stripping it to the words you would say then taking the key points down and using them as a go to might help without making you feel stiff and weird.&nbsp;

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