Even more ways to impress or confuse mates.

So this is a follow-up to my original instructable on Zippo tricks, Basic Zippo Tricks

If you've been looking at these wishing your Zippo was up and running then check out my 'ible on Reflinting and Rewicking a Zippo.

This one will cover some more tricks and little things, some a little more difficult and some new takes on previously covered ones.

As with last time I've added a short video on the first and last step to give a visual run-down of all the tricks...

On we go anyway...

Step 1: Slapping Open.

The way this trick works is very similar to the way slapping your wrist to close the Zippo works except you're opening it.

I'll do this with right handed instructions, though if you swap all the rights and lefts about the instructions are the same, it's just a mirror image.

There are two ways to open the Zippo doing this.

Hold the lighter as you would normally, hinge facing away from your wrist, towards the slapping hand.

Now the first way is to bring your hand down while the left comes up and hits the bottom of your hand where the Zippo is, it should simply swing open, if you're having trouble try hitting your hand in a slightly different spot or angle, it needs to be thereabouts parallel to the motion of the lid...

The second way can be a little trickier but is essentially the same, except you hold the lighter up as normal and hit your wrist with the other hand, the reason this one can be harder is that it's instinct to swing your hands together and beyond that there's less momentum involved.
Great 'ible!. My personal favorite Zippo trick is this: <strong>Open and light the Zippo with one hand, against one's leg.</strong><br> <br> 1. Hold the closed Zippo with the hinge facing your hand (wheel out).<br> 2. Swing your hand past the side of your leg, first opening the lighter in one direction, and then sparking the wheel on the back-swing.<br> <br> This can be done standing or sitting.&nbsp; With practice it can be done with a simple flick of the wrist. Works best with denim or similarly rugged pants material. Not recommended for shorts or bare legs. :)
why have you got a posh zippo and a old disposable lighter?
Various reasons... None of which make sense, besides the fact that the Zippo was a present and I occasionally forget to fuel it...
if i used a zippo for say 10 times per day how long would i have to refil it?
can't tell you exactly, but even if you don't use a zippo the fuel will evaporate by itself in like a week, the little bottles of lighter fluid you buy for them last for ages though
where can you get zipos
Many shops carry them, there are thousands of sites, most tobacco shops carry them, ones that do engravings and similar things are likely to have them...
I just found a web site after I posted this it called <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wannalight.com/">http://www.wannalight.com/</a> it has ZIPPO super cheap.<br/>
Good stuff... Sorted then?
Yeah you should check it out it has some zippos for $8
so does lightersales.com and they will engrave it for you ifyou want
Cool! Thanks:-)
yep :)
I have always had some trouble with the palm squeeze, I almost did it my first time! any tips?
Yes!!! i finally got the ide and palm squeeze!!!! you are my pyro!!!
It's a strange one, you always kind of lock up your hand until you get it, then it gets more relaxed and works... Glad you got it and liked the 'ible! Out of question did you watch the first of them?
I watched all of the zippo trick videos you posted its just those two squeezes where giving me a hard time and hardly anyone I knew could explain it well enough
It is explained in the 'ible aswell, do you reckon it needs explain better?
no its just I didn't understand how you get it to flip
Ah ok, I'm just after refilling and rewicking my Zippo which had been out of action for a wee while because I kept forgetting to buy fuel, was a bit rusty on the tricks myself.
lol same here
I think if I tried any of these the lighter would end up flying out of my hand and hitting someone. People don't like me using lighters around here...
oo! do it near a mirror then so you can make the broken mirror thing!
Hehe yeah!
So you're not to be trusted then... The flying out of hands thing could be a minor issue...
i anticipated more views...
Aye well the last one was featured and got on a few sites, plus it went out in the newsletter, granted it's annoying how many people were asking for another and I gave them it, then I get more people asking for another on the first on despite a few obvious links...
ok that makes sense sorry for the late reply... hurricanes...
Was it bad where you were then? Aye, eventually it'll probably pick up though...
not too bad... there was power outages and water contamination. we were lucky though, in other cities houses were destroyed.
Good tricks. I suck at these, but then again I rarely use my lighter. 4.5
Cheers linux, they're pretty easy when you get them, like after the first time it goes right they're much simpler...
Yeah, they get easy once you get it. I need to get more fluid first. Keeping it for when I really need it until I get more.
Ah fair enough, I thought I'd lost a can for a while there, turned up in my bag yesterday... <br/><br/>I find them good timewasters on the bus and all, only problem is I got trapped doing tricks for people for half an hour in the pub because someone saw me pop it open, on the upside black magic = free booze.<br/>
1/2 an hour and an ounce of fluid is better than paying for your own. I think I'll actually watch the video now.
My hinge is way to stiff. I've had it for a year, but I don't use it much so that probably explains it.
Aye they tend to stiffen up quickly when left alone... Well the can of fluid lasts me a few months unless I'm fixing mates aswell and costs £1.20 where as a pint often costs £2.70 here, in England it's cheaper but still better doing tricks to value, also it's better than minimum wage by a few quid...
I use a can a year. (the bigger size). DO you know if I can use coleman camp fuel in it? (naptha or white gas)
White gas would be smokey but I'm pretty sure naptha is alright, if the fuel is volatile and burns clean then that'll probably do you just fine...
Ok, I'll try it in my cheap one before putting it in my zippo
do not under any circumstances use rubbing alchohol, the flame is ttttoooooooo hot. it heats the wheel too quick, so you get burnt if you try to relight it.
could you add my beer 'ible as a link? like:you could light up one of these to help you with lighting... i don't have many views...
Wouldn't make sense but I'll put it on the end of my opening one, as something to do afterwards, I do like having chains of stuff to creep around sites with...
thanks so much.
Very nice. Mine has isn't loose enough to do that with :P
If the inner bit isn't slid all the way down it wont flip out nearly as easily, it tends to pop up as you do squeezes aswell...

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