ever had a zippo you don't what to get scratched buy keys in your pocket? well this is for you I will show you how to make a case for it out of duct tape.

Step 1:

-duct tape
-and last a zippo
this is a great Instructable but you need to add more steps on how to tape the beginning part b4 the duck tape
very cool. just got my first zippo today and didn't want to have to go buy a case! thanks!
thanks for the comment and im in the pocket sized contest if u did not know
Correct the spelling, and consider breaking 2 into more steps? L
oh and i entered in the pocket sized contest but how do u vote i mean not on mine but on others??????????
You vote when the competition is open for voting. The entries will have a "vote" button on them, and they'll be listed on the competition page. Velcro(R) is right. Duck Tape(R) is right if you used it, duct tape is more general for that type of tape (use either, who would know what you actually used?) L
i have to mess with it to figure out how to break up step 2 but i will in a couple of days how do u spell velcro ? and in spell check it says duct tap is spell duck tape but i know for a fact duck is a brand and duct is what it is thanks for the help

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