Zkar Modifications and Review


Introduction: Zkar Modifications and Review

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Yes I'm still alive....Spanish class nearly killed me though! LOL

OK so I'm back with another review because I have no creativity left (the Spanish teacher took it I think!) and I needed to post something.

This is the FIRST time I have made a zkar and I decided to do it before the knex community took me outside and hung me!

Seriously though the zkar is amazing!! Great power and rof. I'm going to list some pros and cons before and after I modded it.


Good range
Good rof
Reliable enough
Sturdy enough


Unacceptable mag capacity 6-7
Bad sights
No removable mag (slow reload)
The pin guide didn't work


Good range (~60 ft with yellow rod)
Good rof
Good sights
Working pin guide
Quicker reload than original
Acceptable mag capacity (9-10)


Nothing much...

Step 1: My Changes

Here are the changes/modifications I did

Working pin guide
Extended mag (9-10 rd)
Lock down mag pusher
Loading slot in mag
New sights
Cheek rest
Comfy design
Bolt stop
Changed internals
Lightweight (hollow stock and only 3-5 layers thick)

Step 2: Check These Out Too!

Check out "The Red Book Of Westmarch" he is an awesome guy (no clue where he has been) and has posted a review and instructions for the base model of the zkar!

My video reviewing shooting and showing off my mods!




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Hmm, didn't show up in my following area thing :/ looks good anyway:)

Actually I don't think I will because I am working on another project arm and also the v3 provides no advantage over the v1

I can try sure! Don't expect it too soon though

I built The Red Book of Westmarch Zkar but it did not work right. I would like it if someone would get instructions up for the ZKAR V3. Do you think you could build it from the pix?