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Introduction: Zoidberg Costume

It was my first Holiday with my husband, then boyfriend, 2007. He told me that he was going to be Zoidberg for Halloween and I had no idea what that was. So he had to show me by playing some Futurama episodes. I still thought he was weird, but I always want to make things happen. I brainstormed for a while and surprised him by putting the costume together for him. He was very surprised and impressed with what I had come up with and he wore it to a Halloween party with my friend and I that year. (I had done the post cards for the party, so I got free drinks that night. ;) haha.)

As he would say "bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo!" - or however it goes. :)

Step 1: The Pieces!

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Bart Simpson Mask
Red Face Paint
Red Glove
4 Pieces of Red Felt
Lab Coat (embroidered)
Needle, thread
A Dude with Dr. Zoidberg's stature


I ordered a Lab Coat from AllHeart.com or something like that, and had it embroidered with "Dr. Zoidberg".

For the Claws, he bought a hot glue gun and some felt and I was kinda puzzled as to how to make them .. cute/realistic/wearable, just make sure to have good scissors, stack the felt 2 at a time and wisely cut so that the 2 pieces match up. I used elastic to keep them on his wrist and stuffed them with polyester fill, to make them more functional.

For the FACE...lol..we lucked out. Tripped over a bart simpson mask at Target and we ended up making the eyes into the shape of goggles, leaving tabs on the side for elastic attachment to hold them onto his head.

The "mouth fingers" were a pair of women's gloves. (I cut the thumb off and hand sewed it shut and then took the part and attached it to ITSELF in the back, behind the mask, also stuffed the fingers a little.

Step 2: Party!

Now it's time to hit up Comic Con, or the Halloween party, or whatever you want to do as Zoidberg. I made this costume for him in 2007, and I had a video of him doing the sideways walk...but I can't find it and that saddens me! Either way, he loved it and people still ask my brother "how is Zoidberg?" after that party that night. (3 years ago!) :D Zoidberg lives on.



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    This is really creative and practical. Congrats!

    Thanx you for this toturial :)

    2015 14:56.jpg

    I LOVE IT!!! And the way you organize your Instructable in step 1 is sooooo appreciated!

    Seriously, great job!

    A couple things wrong with the costume, mainly superficial but still. First zoidberg has no ears and secondly the clothes below is wrong. I am going to use scrubs (light blue) also found at allheart.com. Plus I want to make it so that 1) I don't have ears showing and 2) somehow figure out how to put that fin thingy he has that he can make pop up. I have an idea on how to do it but execution right now is unknown. Also, I bought a pair of oven mitts that are lobster shaped and plan to use rubber bands (lol @ the irony) around the wrists so that it looks more neat. Also may utilize the entire mask, rounding off the top (or use a red swim cap) which would solve the ear problem as well. Hopefully it'll turn out good. The mask use would also mean using less paint, which would be good since I'll be going to a drinking party and paint + sweat + drinking don't mix well. Just have to figure how to fit my big head in the mask. Might have to slit the back and then use velcro to secure it after. Seems legit. Will see as it goes along. Thanks for listening.

    I'm going to rock the zoidberg for halloween.. I'm having some trouble with the claws. what were the dimensions you used for the claws?

    i just kinda used maybe the entire sheet and traced a huge shape around my hand. as long as the thumb juncture can reach over the thumb, you can always tighten the wrist and you just stuff the claw with cotton and it's all good. :) PICS when you're done! and let me know if you get stuck :D

    Here's my zoidberg http://s637.photobucket.com/albums/uu93/dermotcarney/?action=view&current=316756_2518509879810_1165160797_2900323_2015471016_n.jpg

    For the claws I did the same as yourself. Thanks for that by that way.

    For the head I bought a red faceless balaclava (I have a beard and I didn't want to shave it). I got two small funnels, cut them to size and curved them to my face. I glued the lens' from a pair of those 3d glasses that you get in the cinema for 3d movies to cover in the holes for the pupils. Then I used the strap and nose bridge from a pair of swimming goggles to hold it onto my head.

    I'm quite happy how it turned out. The only thing I didn't think about was adding air holes around the eyes because the lens kept steaming up. Many thanks for your description of work. It really came in handy, particularly for the claws.

    that's awesome! do you have the close-ups of the mask/face area? the funnels are brilliant and a great alternative to big eyes, without having to buy a mask! :D did you wear it for halloween and get lots of comments!? so cool!!

    Does anyone have suggestions on a more generic way to do his eyes? I have everything figured out except those, and don't want to buy a rather expensive rubber mask just for its eyes. Any input would be very helpful, thanks!