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Introduction: Zom-B Make-up

These are photos of my work as a zombie. I work on a haunted hay-ride and we have to build our own facial prosthesis and they'll spray-paint our faces(note: using a spray gun and body-paint). I try and make mine look especially gruesome and these are what I've used so far. It's a cocktail of before and after make-up.



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    Glad YOU get paid for it! I'm a volunteer makeup artist for my city for setting up mock disasters (to practice first responder stuff) and am looking for ideas. Do you use liquid latex in layers and let it dry? How do you make your goopies? Are they reusable or only single use? What pointers can you give me? Looking for easy and as cheap as possible since I don't get reimbursed. Thanks!

    You always have options when dealing with facial prosthesis, and they're nearly infinite. You CAN go "cheap" by using Elmer's(or craft) glue, I'm not sure if it has the same effect as it wouldn't be as pliable as latex but I think it would get the trick done, however you CAN reuse the latex pieces. The latex pieces, when treated properly and stored properly can actually last a fair amount of time I've personally used a single piece up to 8 times, however you won't ever get the same fit and the fit might be awkward if it's multiple people's faces(i.e. from one persons face then to another). In the end I'd say craft glue is pretty cheap and if you can make it do the job go with it. I try and use as LITTLE of a layer as possible, enough for a firm foundation but thin enough to blend into the facial structure. You can always check out my "How to Create Realistic Facial Prosthesis" ible.

    Awesome job!! Those pics look great! Scary stuff.

    Thank you much, it's the most fun I've ever had whilst getting paid. I would suggest anyone trying it out.