Zombicide Storage Boxes





Introduction: Zombicide Storage Boxes

I had the idea of coming up with a storage solution for all the various add on expansions I had received on Kickstarter for the board game Zombicide. After some searching I found some inspiration from a T1mothy77.


Step 1: Materials

I found a Keter modular toolbox at my local Walmart along with a Bulldog organizer.

I picked up some Krylon Fusion spray paint, designed to bond with plastics.

After picking up some Avery shipping labels I was off to the races.

Step 2: Prep and Painting

I used painters tape to tape off the steel clasps on the front. I then did two coats of the Krylon plastic bonding spray paint. Once the spray paint had dried I used a water based acrylic paint on my hands to add a few finger prints on the box.

Step 3: Adding Some Additional Character

Something important to note is that the Krylon fusion spray paint does not play well with other spray paints.

I had taped off the top of the box to do the first aid cross and hit it with some gloss red spray paint, along with using some regular white spray paint to touch up some over spray areas. As you can see from the pictures this caused a reaction and the Krylon fusion paint started to bubble up and separate from the box. Seeing as this was a box having survived the zombie apocalypse I thought it might add some additional character to the project.

I also picked up some cheap plastic folders to store the various custom missions I had printed out along with the rule books for the game.

The stickers were printed on some standard Avery shipping labels. I found various images just on Google by searching on Zombie survival, pandemic, and zombie survival kit.

Step 4: More Stickers

I applied more of the stickers to the inside and outside of the box. I had varying degrees of succes with the stickers on the outside of the box. With the spray paint I used it put a slight texture on the box, which caused the stickers to not want to stick securely.

I attempted to fix this by applying few passes of 'Modge Podge'. The Modge Podge is extremely wet and as you can see from the pictures, paper stickers will soak up that water and can cause some warping.

Step 5: Finished Product

I went ahead and bloodied up my hands with some more red acrylic paint and added a lot more gore to the boxes. This is the finished product on the two boxes. I unfortunately found out that the play tiles did not fit in the Bulldog box that I picked but it more than handled all of my survivors and dog companions. This was a bit of a bittersweet discovery because now I get to work on another box for the survivor cards and board tiles.

I hope this gives you some ideas on various storage solutions and add some character to your zombie survival game nights.



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    The outlook of the box is already enough to entice people to play the game. The additional touches of red paint drippings are perfect to match the theme. I think this idea would be really useful for Halloween like to be used on the front door or even on children's costumes.

    I've been in the process of recreating this style of box, but I used Stanley's STST19900 toolbox. It has a detachable bottom with dividers, so you can keep all your map-building supplies in the top box, and your zombies strictly in the bottom. Makes things very easy.

    I love the concept, I have been working on something similar using an old army ammo can... when I get all the parts together I may post my own instructable.

    I had a great time doing this project. I work at a Halloween Haunted House and it made the perfect makeup kit! Thanks!

    Awesome box! Is there a board game for the walking dead TV show yet? ;)

    What is this game, and why have I never heard of it before?

    By the way, nice looking box! It kinda reminds me of a health kit model from FPS games (HL2 comes readily to mind)

    http://zombicide.com/en/ Sponsored the game on Kickstarter and the extras are getting a bit insane to store them all.

    looks awesome , I would put an image of it finished as you cover

    Thanks, rearranged the photos and added a lot more explanation.

    congrats on the feature. with the level of detail you put in you derserve it