Picture of Zombie 101 - Garage Items For The Apocalypse
In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you will need many items to stay alive. A few of these items can be found in your garage!
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Step 1: Paints

Picture of Paints
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Now, why would we need paints? While we don't NEED paints, you can write messages in walls warning other survivors of dangers inside a building/area

Step 2: Weapons

Picture of Weapons
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the most important of this whole list, weapons are a necessity. Now, If you have a gun, grab it. But most don't. So, grab some baseball bats, and raid the toolbox.

Step 3: Transportation.

Picture of Transportation.
If your car is out of gas, (and believe us, once civilization collapses, it will be hard to get gas) then grab a bike! Small but efficient, these are good for riding through an abandoned neighborhood (though not so much for escaping a horde of zombies)