Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shelter and Charging Station





Introduction: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shelter and Charging Station

Even during the toughest of times, you'll need to stay connected to the Cloud and stay warm. Insulated and built from junk materials, and  half buried. It will stay warm because of a floor of large paving stones that absorbs heat during the day. It all fits on one sheet of 4x8 plywood sitting in a strata of volanic ash.

A tight fit but when there's zombies outside everybody doesn't mind staying together for warmth. Inside is the solar powered charger and 20 gallons of drinking water



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    It seems like the zombies would just fall right through those windows into the interior. I'm not trying to bash the idea because this looks cool, it's just something to consider. Maybe some kind of reinforcement like bars.

    This would make for a great instructable...

    Do you have images from your build of this shack?

    Never took any pics on this one but it's built pretty much like the Climate Change Greenhouse, with the exception that it's buried four feet down.
    Those pictures would have been pretty ugly, as it was all made from scrap.