Zombie Apocolypse Survival Kit Shadowbox





Introduction: Zombie Apocolypse Survival Kit Shadowbox

ZOMBIES ZOMBIES every where !  Zombies seem to be the latest fad, whither you believe in them or not there are television shows, movies, games and evn clubs that do Zombie walks.

 A couple of months ago I posted a Zombie Survival Kit my son and his father in law created for a friend https://www.instructables.com/id/Zombie-Survival-Kit/  between the time spent and the actual items inside this box would be prohibitively expensive to recreate and attempt to sell so I set about building a less involved but I hope still pretty cool version. I've already started working on another because this one was fun but it is kind of small

Step 1: What's Inside

This box is kind of small so I was limited in what I could fit inside, there is a zombie apocalypse survival guide, a 3 step survival sign, a sawed off shot gun, shotgun shells, sticks of dynamite and a large knife

Step 2: The Box

 I picked up a 12x15x2" shadow box at Micheal's craft store, I removed the lid, lightly sanded then double primed the box and then painted it as shown using red and black craft paints and a bright green artist paint with some silver iridescent paint mixed in. Using white glue with a little of the green and iridescent paint I attached the help sign to the back of the box.

 the palette I used for both the paints and glue is a piece of lexan plastic I found while curb mining, it was one of about 2 dozen pieces of various sizes

Step 3: Ammo Box

playing again in paint shop I created a box for zombie killer shotgun ammo. I know I need a better printer because even with new ink cartridges the prints weren't that great but at least the boxes came in handy (recycle) and since the printer was a curb rescue I really can't complain.
I carefully pulled the box apart, turned it inside out then reassembled it ( I used the glue bottle as a weight until it dried) and covered it with the sheet of paper with the ammo print

Step 4: The Book

I played around in paint shop with some zombie images and different fonts until I got something I liked. then I printed it out and folded the paper in half, using some rejected versions I folded them in half until I had a decent bulk. A regular sewing needle with some thread passed threw the fold a few time held it all together whil I cut the "book" down to size

Step 5: Dynamite

my bad printer actually worked well for this since the color looks like faded red and black. I made the page in paint shop pro then printed it out, I went and searched my possibilium pile and found some 1/2" pvc pipe I had found at some point and cut it to length and then glued the paper on using white craft glue

Step 6: The Gun

the transformation of this toy makes it TOTALLY ILLEGAL and it could get you in serious trouble. It seems that everytime I do one of these conversions I forget to take pictures !
I found this toy while out curb mining https://www.instructables.com/id/Mining-for-suburban-gold/ so it's another recycled piece, the "shotgun shells" were found at a different time but they are also curb rescues.
I removed part of the stock, using my dremel with a cut off wheel, leaving just a pistol like grip.  I then sanded down some decorations that were on the side and using my dremel still with the cut off wheel attached I added some graining to the wood along with cracks and gouges. I painted the "wood" with burnt umber and indian red artist acrylics and then used a thinned black to give it a wash. I painted the black and then used a wash of burnt sienna, yellow ocher and black to "rust" the barrel.  There are several other pictures on my other "ible" if your interested https://www.instructables.com/id/Hacking-toy-firearms-for-Halloween-costume/step2/saw-it-off/

Step 7: Assembly

I used a hotglue gun to attach everything inside the box, you can see that the "ammo" box kind of floats, I wanted it to be seen in the corner of the glass and since the cover will be glued shut I just placed it were it worked best, the same is true of the "dynamite" I used a small cut off piece of pvc to position the 2 sticks where they would be best seen

Step 8: Finished

I reattached the hinges for the lid and once I get the glass cleaned and polished I'll glue the lid down



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    jeez you guys do not ever do a fact check. Zombies are real but the cure is salt

    Zombies are fake

    thank you for your very poignant and obvious observation

    Nice survival kit. One thing I'll suggest is that you probably don't want to use dynamite against zombies. If their blood splatters on you, it could lead to an infection.

    well... if you're close enough for their blood to splatter on you, you're probably to close to use the dynamite............. thanks for commenting

    Aww man....... I was hoping the zombie apocalypse would be today.

    I sent this on Dec 21, but it must have changed the date to San Francisco time.

    I am building a sawnoff replica now from some wood and PVC 20mm pipe.

    that sounds cool, hope you do an instructable on it

    Yes, I will. I already have a lot of pictures of the building process for an instructable. I'm having a little bit of trouble creating a realistic action for the triggers, I want them to have some resistance and then a sort of click like a real trigger pull. I also have to devise a mechanism for the barrels to be easily locked and unlocked so they can flip open realistically. I would replicate every internal part of the real gun if I could, but I don't have the tools or materials for that.