Picture of Zombie Attack!
Zombie doll 2 036.jpg
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Zombie doll 2 038.jpg
Pillsbury meets zombie 006.jpg
Pillsbury meets zombie 003.jpg
Pillsbury meets zombie 012.jpg
I woke up this morning to find my nice little Raggedy Ann ruthlessly attacked by Zombies!

Gone are her lovely red strands of hair; her fall, sunflowery dress, and those sparkling green eyes.

No! They've been replaced by a blank stare, felt maggots, and ragged clothing. Oh the humanity of it all! (Or inhumanity!)

UPDATE! AHHHHHH! Look where I found her when I got home from work!
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Step 1: How it Happened

Picture of How it Happened
Zombie Doll 003.jpg
Zombie Doll 004.jpg
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Zombie Doll 002.jpg
Zombie Doll 007.jpg
Zombie Doll 008.jpg
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Zombie Doll 011.jpg
I'm not really sure, but our dollar store CSI kit has helped us locate what the Zombies might have needed to capture and transform the poor little doll.

Was it deliberate, or was it mindlessly planned by wandering Zombies on the loose from the Three Rings group? We may never know, but one thing's for sure.....nothing is sacred. A brain is a brain, stuffed or not!

1/4 yard solid black fabric (Apron)
1/2 yard ugly, mangled textured fabric (Skirt & Shirt)
1/4 yard Laced material(Bloomers)
Skull Iron on Patch
Skull Buttons
Black Thread

1/2 Yard cheap white fabric
Black and purple yarn
Black Embroidery Floss
Re-used stuffing from an old pillow
1/4 yard of black striped fabric for the legs
Old make-up

Tan felt, gray embroidery floss, small bits of stuffing

I'm sure the Zoms used the instructable on how to make a Raggedy Ann doll. They may not have brains, but they seem to know how to use a computer. It must be the gaming instinct in them.

Step 2: They Sewed and Sewed

Picture of They Sewed and Sewed
Sunflower Doll 066.jpg
Sunflower Doll 008.jpg
Sunflower Doll 036.jpg
Sunflower Doll 040.jpg
Yes, it's true. They used my sewing machine, which had small marks of people goo on it. (I cleaned it off with ZomX.)

They sewed the parts together, sloppily ripping open an old pillow, and transferring the stuffing to the inside of the body.

The legs and arms were sewn with the same, maniacle care.

Then the face...that horrible face. No emotion, just blank embroidered stitching.

Lastly, the hair. Purple, black, and very thin.

anapet011 year ago
So cute!! :3
zaymen1 year ago
do you have the pattern to share, sell?
Very Interesting (author)  zaymen1 year ago

I don't. I tried to lay it out on the grid so each piece shows its size. There are easy rag doll patterns from McCalls. You can look at my other rag doll pattern for some comparisons.

so awesome.
Very Interesting (author) 4 years ago
Amazing work! Just perfect!
RaNDoMLeiGH6 years ago
This is so cute! I have an old Raggedy Ann that actually looks a bit like she's been attacked by zombies, but it's because she's 40 years old. Mine has a heart on her chest that says "I love you". Wonder what the Zombie Ann would have, there should be something. You should sell these on Etsy.com. You'd do well, especially with the storyline.
Very Interesting (author)  RaNDoMLeiGH6 years ago
Thanks! Zombie Ann's chest has no heart....the instinct for brains has bypassed any trail of a beating soul. My grandmother made me one when I was a kid, and it looks pretty "raggedy" too. That's the cool thing though. We know they were loved. Poor Zombie Ann; her thirst for brains will never know love....wait, what's that in the shadows.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Very Interesting (author) 6 years ago
I doubt Pillsbury Doughboy will be saying, "Hoo Hoo," anytime soon!
I like it! Even though I'm never going to make this, it's really cool, and seems like a fun project! +5/5 stars.
Doctor What6 years ago
Yay! It would have been nice to get a pattern, but I can wing it.
scmtngirl6 years ago
Awesome commentary! One thing, though, I didn't see how the zombies attached her hair?
Check out the Raggedy Ann Instructable. It's from the same person- she shows how to do the hair in that one