Step 4: Maggots!

I never would have believed mine eyes! Felt maggots invading her head!

A piece of felt about 6" long was cut, filled with stuffing, and sewn together along the side. Then it was cut into pieces that were beveled at both ends.

A string of gray embroidery floss was sewn to the belly of the maggots, and wrapped around to give them a rippling effect.
So cute!! :3
do you have the pattern to share, sell?
<p>I don't. I tried to lay it out on the grid so each piece shows its size. There are easy rag doll patterns from McCalls. You can look at my other rag doll pattern for some comparisons. </p>
so awesome.
<strong>Amazing work! Just perfect! </strong>
This is so cute! I have an old Raggedy Ann that actually looks a bit like she's been attacked by zombies, but it's because she's 40 years old. Mine has a heart on her chest that says "I love you". Wonder what the Zombie Ann would have, there should be something. You should sell these on Etsy.com. You'd do well, especially with the storyline.
Thanks! Zombie Ann's chest has no heart....the instinct for brains has bypassed any trail of a beating soul. My grandmother made me one when I was a kid, and it looks pretty "raggedy" too. That's the cool thing though. We know they were loved. Poor Zombie Ann; her thirst for brains will never know love....wait, what's that in the shadows.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I doubt Pillsbury Doughboy will be saying, "Hoo Hoo," anytime soon!
I like it! Even though I'm never going to make this, it's really cool, and seems like a fun project! +5/5 stars.
Yay! It would have been nice to get a pattern, but I can wing it.
Awesome commentary! One thing, though, I didn't see how the zombies attached her hair?
Check out the Raggedy Ann Instructable. It's from the same person- she shows how to do the hair in that one

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