Introduction: Zombie Belle

So this was a request! I had a blast painting this. I also live streamed it on Instagram and it was so fun! haha. Please help support my art by subscribing!

Step 1: First Step

Picture of First Step

Okay first thing is to take a white eyeliner and outline the look you want. I always do this. Haha.

Step 2: Flawless

Picture of Flawless

Next I'm taking my foundation and concealer and putting that all over my face.

Step 3: Open Mouth

Picture of Open Mouth

I used white body paint from mehron to make the teeth, then I used a peach colored body paint from mehron to add the gums, last I used a black body paint from Mehron to lightly outline it all.

Step 4: Shadowing

Picture of Shadowing

So I used a few different brown eye shadows to shadow around each tooth and the hole of the mouth as well as shadowing the back teeth to make sure they look like they are sitting behind the rest.

Step 5: More Detail

Picture of More Detail

I cleaned up the edges then added a light shadow line around the hole with some more brown shadow.

Step 6: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

I used a NYX jumbo pencil in white on my lids as a base, then I took a golden yellow eye shadow from urban decay all over the lid as well as using a brighter yellow on the crease and blending it up. Then I took a black liquid liner and gave my eyes a wing.

Step 7: Bag

Picture of Bag

I added bags under my eyes using some purple and blue eye shadow

Step 8: Blush

Picture of Blush

Then I added a little blush in a bright pink color.

Step 9: Random Details

Picture of Random Details

I added mascara, then depend up the bags under my eyes.

Step 10: Lips

Picture of Lips

I used a nude color to fill in the parts of my lips you can still see.

Step 11: Contour

Picture of Contour

I used a contour shade that works for my skin type on my nose and cheeks.

Step 12: Dress Start

Picture of Dress Start

I used a yellow body paint from Mehron to paint on the dress

Step 13: Shadow

Picture of Shadow

I used a brown shadow to detail the dress

Step 14: White

Picture of White

Using a white body paint I added the pearls as well as highlighted the dress

Step 15: BLOOD

Picture of BLOOD

I used blood past from Mehron on the teeth!


gm280 (author)2017-05-07

I have a challenge face for you to try. How about a totally skinless face. Show the typical muscle structure that would be under the face skin. That would be interesting and look cool.

MsMaoMaoz (author)gm2802017-05-07

That's a great idea, I'll do it!

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