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Introduction: Zombie Cake

About: Since I have a brand new baby boy, I have no time or money. So, I have been doing the home made thing and loving it. Thank goodness for Instructables!

I made this cake for my brother's birthday last year.  The cake was yellow cake colored green and chocolate cake layered in a checkerboard pattern.  It was decorated with vanilla frosting, sour Skittles, and silhouettes of the undead cut from raspberry fruit roll ups.  I found that cutting fruit roll ups with a clean exact-o knife was much easier than trying to color fondant evenly, roll it thin enough, and then cut precisely.  



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    Were you going to instruct us on how to make this, or are you just showing off your skills?

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    I agree. Looks impressive, but let's not forget the purpose of the site. :) After all it's not "bragables.com" :p

    I posted this for the photo instructable contest, hence no instructions at the time. I was veeeery pregnant when I made that cake and am now pretty busy with a baby so I haven't had time to make another one with pics along the way. This is a great instructable on how to do the checkerboard:


    The zombies are simply fruit roll ups that I cut with a fresh x-acto knife using a print out of the zombie shapes that I could see through the dried fruit rolls. I left the backing on the fruit rolls until I was finished cutting out the shapes.

    Thanks for the reply, and the link.
    And congrats for your baby! :)

    im so gonna want to make it

    Love the inside, it reminds me of a Minecraft Creeper :D

    Awesome zombie cake. Definitely makes me want to see more pictures of your next creation!

    Best use of fruit roll ups ever? This zombie cake looks amazing. I really like the checkerboard pattern.