This was a costume I threw together for DragonCon 2011.  With the use of SmoothOn Dragon Skin and thrift store clothes I put together I would say a fairly convincing zombie costume.

Step 1: Stryofoam

I began the project with a styrofoam head that i got from hobby lobby.  I then took SmoothOn dragon skin and mixed several layers on top.
You've got red on you.
<p>I see what you did there. :)</p>
Great mask! Definitely looks like a zombie that's been burnt to a crisp. You could try completing the look by scorching the upper parts of the shirt and jacket; make it look like you took a molotov cocktail to the face. Or you could try black spray paint for the same effect in a safer way. And some black makeup around the eyes would help them blend in with the mask better.
Brains my friend....brains. <br>

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