Undead, yet edible.  That is how the Zombie Cupcake rolls.  

I was inspired by some dead fondant, to create this monstrosity   Okay, maybe I did it because I have zombies on the brain...haha, pun unintended.  

What you see in front of you is: a cupcake, fondant, sprinkles, some airbrushing and gel color.  And piping gel as food glue!

Step 1: Needs

piping gel
gel color - red
green toothpick or natural plus green color, OR a real cherry stem
paintbrush - for food only
airbrush optional
foil/scratchy toothpick for texture
I love any zombie shows #walking dead
In the nicest way possible, this is disgusting! I love it :D
This is my favorite part of the instructable! This seems like a good way to get your anger out. Kill the cupcake!
Ewwww! This is great. :D

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