Picture of Zombie Cut :)
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
For this cool zombie makeup, you will need: red clay, skin color clay, red crayon, skin color crayon (close to your skin color), clay sculpting tool, and washable paint. Everybody's skin color I different this is my personal skin color make sure if you do this craft to get your own personal skin color.

Step 2: Foundation Of The Cut

Picture of Foundation Of The Cut
Apply a little bit of white paint to we're you are going to make your cut. Put more white if your skin is darker.

Step 3: Second Step

Picture of Second Step
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
Get the skin color clay. You will also need your clay sculpting tool. Apply the clay around the white. Shape it with the clay sculpting tool. Once you have finished pull the clay a little with the sharp side of the clay sculpting tool.

Step 4: Putting The Blood On ;)

Picture of Putting The Blood On ;)
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
13, 1:55 PM.jpg
For this part you will need: the two crayons, red paint, and the red clay. First add a little red paint. Next push the crayon really hard on something so you get crumbles of red crayon. Then put some clay onto the fake cut. After you have finished put the chunks of crayon on the cut. Add a little bit of blood to the sides, and your done! Yay! ;)