Step 13: K. Chrome Dials

K. Chrome dials

I thought the gun needed more "moving bits" and I really liked the wheel we used on the atomic battery, so I thought I would make it a theme and use it a couple more times.

(image 1 - bicycle shocks become dials)

1. I used the same piece of bicycle shock image that was used to make the atomic battery tank connector. Just mask out the threads.
2. for the safety switch above the left hose, I just inverted the chrome from white to black
3. the now black wheel in place with some dodge and burn for highlights and shadows
4. simple strokes of orange on a duplicate of the original chrome wheel
5. the stoplight again from the atomic battery section
6. the original shaft construction isolated and tweaked straight
7. duplicates of the chrome wheels were set to touch at a 45 degree angle on top of the stoplight bit. Some more orange and shading seats them in the picture. (I fixed the slot of the bottom wheel as well as added some edges with dodge and burn).
8. after duplicating the blue endcap and using "hue_saturation" to turn it orange, I added a stroke of orange to the chrome band at the end of the grey to chrome it up. (Later, more orange with bubbles were added along the top of the gun with the same method as the hoses as well) Orange is more halloween.
That is amazing
I'd like to preface this comment by stating I'm not saying this to be mean, because your end result is pretty awesome.<br><br>The word 'Photoshop' in the title makes this whole thing immensely disappointing.
And why would that be?<br>Photoshop is a really powerful tool, it is really easy to learn and anyone can be good within month of using it.
But it means there isn't a real one out there.
well...you just don't make the moulds before you know what it is going to look like right?
See now, that is a completely wonderful answer right there.
Or, these could be the beginnings of a card model.
Oh I understand your point.<br>I though you meant to say that photoshop was bad/stupid or something. <br>Forgive me!
If your engineering your own paper (or card) models and just can't find (or make) just the right textures to paint your model with, this might just be the correct starting point.
Wow, that's amazing. I totally love seeing where you got the different pieces - makes the final result much more impressive.
Pretty intense work. Fantastic mastery of your tools.
This totally stands head and shoulders above the rest. So many useful principles, and creating a zombie hunting gun is such a totally unique take on the horror theme! This site is very lucky to get someone with such advanced skills writing a tutorial for them. :)<br><br>Oh, and I want one of these. Will they be available by Christmas?
if u want to know how to hack see me <br>send message
How many hours @ the PC ? ?<br><br>A
I think I did it in about 2 days over a weekend full time.<br>
What you've done here is really incredible.
pitty this is not real......
Fascinating, it's a really detailed job for something pointless, or it's art.<br> Nice art it is, but please follow this up by making it as a 3D replica.<br> <br> L<br>
Oh, my goodness...<br><br>I believe the correct phrase is <em>Yo! sick skillz, bro!</em>

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