Step 5: C. Main Body

Picture of C. Main Body
MachinesAndMagic_C Mainbody02.jpg
MachinesAndMagic_C Mainbody03.jpg

C. Main Body

(Image 1 - porta potty)


1. Duplicate and flip the trigger for a longer platform and erase/mask as needed so you only have one trigger

2. body source (porta potty)
3. masked
4. stretch the potty, and cover clone out the door area
5. put stretched potty on handle with a second  copy (squashed vertically) behind.
6. use match colour (trigger as source) to get it grey, and adjust brightness contrast.I also masked out and recoloured the white at the end with invert.

(image 2 - remote control, metal bits and structural details )

1. dvd remote source
2. masked and stretched
3. put on body of gun (top portapotty image) and set to "multiply" (lines adjusted later)
4. metal lid source masked
5. lid hit with "match colour" and brightness contrast adjusted, resized, duplicated and stacked
6. BBQ hinge source isolated
7. rings stacked with hinge to form Kickback handle put on gun
8. spraybottle nozzle source isolated, "match colour" and used as decorations above trigger

The gun was a little "boxy" so I added a 50's style shape

(image 3 - plastic box)

1. source plastic box masked
2. warp one end
3. warp both ends
4. match colour
5. insert layer behind the trigger source

At this point you can play with the patterns and lines of the dvd remote to fit them to the new pieces you added. I also adjusted some highlights in the pattern so the light was from the top right. Some general touchups to fill holes and blemishes on the masking.