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About: I am troberts8, also known as Tami Roberts. I am an artist and craftsperson. I am an identical twin Gemini. I live with MS. Some of my favorite things to make are TV/Movie replicas, customized shoes/clothes ...

When I spotted these plain green flats I knew they would be perfect for customizing into ZOMBIE FEET!

  Ballpoint pen
  Permanent Markers
  White gel pen
  Glow in the dark clear nail polish
  Clear spray fixative

To create your own pair of zombie feet simply draw the toes on with a ballpoint pen. Next color them in using permanent markers. I used a white gel pen to color in the bones; then once they were dry I painted over the top (of the bones) with glow in the dark nail polish. When you are all done filling them in be sure to spray the artwork with a clear fixative!

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    :) music to my ears! If you don't want to freehand yours I do have another instructable (beetle shoes) that gives directions for making and using home made templates.

    Thank you ;) I freehanded... Honestly by looking at my own feet a bit to get a clear idea on how they would fit in the shoe!

    You looked at your own feet? Is this how your real toes look? I thought mine were bad! Seriously though, very cool idea. Nice work.

    Wowzers! Hha... my real feet aren't quite zombie bad but they work well for referencing anatomy!