I don't remember how I got to the hospital. When I woke up it was dark. Quiet. Still. I stumbled out of my hospital bed and eventually found my bearings. No one was around. I was drenched in urine. The hallways were disturbingly silent. Light fixtures buzzed and flickered. Everything had a light coating of dust. The elevator didn't work. I looked out the window. It was overcast. Seemed like it had rained recently. No cars on the streets. I made my way through the hallways and stairwells to the ground floor. There was a stench, like warm roadkill. There were papers strune about the floors. Gernies were upended. There was a folding chair thrown through the main entrance glass door.  Where was everyone?

Was that blood on the ground? I recognized the street. I was a few miles from from home. I waited at the nearby bus stop for what felt like forever. Bus didn't come. I started to walk toward home. There were cars stopped in the middle of the street. Like time had frozen. I didn't see a soul. Not even a squirrel.   I approached my street and could see my house. I could tell the front door was open. The cat could get out. Must have been my daughter. I tell her to keep the front door closed all the time so the cat doesn't get out. I arrived to the front steps and started to make my way up. There was movement in the flowers. Rustling. Must be a bird, I thought. First one I saw all day.  But it was no bird.

Dozens of them. Lumbering around almost aimlessly. Some covered in tiny amounts of blood. Some missing tiny limbs.  There was one was taking a tiny bite out of another.

This Instructable will show you how to transform an ordinary ceramic garden gnome into a tiny mindless flesh-eating backyard horror.
Chameleon65310 months ago

Love these. Am definitely going to give them a try!

ekl9912 months ago

Where did you get the Gnomes? Brilliant idea!!

ekl99 ekl9912 months ago

Nevermind I reread the post.

Tgauchsin1 year ago
Love this. If it wouldn't scare the shit out if my kid I would do it.
gothgaluk1 year ago
these are absolutely amazing!!Going to have an attempt on some old gnomes i have lying about - i hate gnomes but these are absolutely awesome!!!!
seamster2 years ago
I really enjoyed this. Nice work. "Gnombies" ha!
linrodann2 years ago
So. Damn. Awesome.
Tomdf2 years ago
Ha, what a brilliant idea! Great paint job too.
OMG! I love deer and all, but that deer gnome combination is hands down my fav!