video Zombie Halloween Makeup!
Halloween zombie tutorial ^_^
If you want the look to last longer, I suggest you use spirit gum adhesive instead of the Elmer's glue. You can find it at your local Halloween store for around 4 bucks...

And for the guys....i'm pretty sure your sister/girlfriend/wife has makeup... so borrow that shiz! or have them do it for you ;)

*Music* Hellfire Trigger- " Zombies"
It's my Husband's old band...check them out.
ayla9152 years ago
Thanks for the awesome video! My makeup was a hit on Saturday at a halloween party! Definetly not as good as yours but not bad for a first try with face makeup...Thanks again!
xjennx138 (author)  ayla9152 years ago
Wow! You did an amazing job! First time? Looks pro! Thank you so much for watching and i'm glad you tried it out!
I will upload 2 more videos in just a sec....Hope you can watch those too :D
Gabrock2 years ago
Amazing Tutorial!
xjennx138 (author)  Gabrock2 years ago
Thank You! ^_^