Halloween zombie tutorial ^_^
If you want the look to last longer, I suggest you use spirit gum adhesive instead of the Elmer's glue. You can find it at your local Halloween store for around 4 bucks...

And for the guys....i'm pretty sure your sister/girlfriend/wife has makeup... so borrow that shiz! or have them do it for you ;)

*Music* Hellfire Trigger- " Zombies"
It's my Husband's old band...check them out.
Thanks for the awesome video! My makeup was a hit on Saturday at a halloween party! Definetly not as good as yours but not bad for a first try with face makeup...Thanks again!
Wow! You did an amazing job! First time? Looks pro! Thank you so much for watching and i'm glad you tried it out! <br>I will upload 2 more videos in just a sec....Hope you can watch those too :D <br>
Amazing Tutorial!
Thank You! ^_^

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