My son asked me for a zombie themed birthday party, and what better way to embody that theme than with a 3D zombie head cake, complete with Jello brains.

Step 1: What You Will Need

This cake is quite a bit labor intensive, and you should expect to spend a lot of time on it. The supply list is also rather long, but dont be intimidated by it.

~ 3D Skull Cake Pan - This can be found on Amazon or other cake/party/Halloween retailers.
~ Two boxes of cake mix - You can also use a from scratch recipe. I opted for the mixes, just to save some time. Also, make sure you have the eggs and oil if you take the boxed mix route!
~ 2-3 cans of white frosting - This is for the crumb coat and other decorations if you need them
~ 2 lbs of fondant - I used 1 lb of white and 1 lb of black
~ Fondant coloring - This can be found in the cake decorating aisle of any craft/supply store. Pick whatever colors you think seem zombie-ish. You can also just use regular food coloring, and I will address that method in the steps.
~ A rolling pin and powdered sugar (for the fondant)
~ 1 (6-oz) box each of Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry Jello
~ Knox Gelatin
~ 1 cup of low-fat evaporated milk (it must be low fat)
~ A brain mold (can also be found on Amazon)
~ A clear extract such as orange or lemon (can also use vodka, if no one under 21 will be eating the cake)
~ Red food coloring gel (optional)
AWESOME!!!!! <br>
Gross. I would puke BEFORE I ate it because of the zombie look. but the detail is awesome, you did a great job.
Fantastic! Voting! :)
This is fantastically detailed! Great job. :D

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