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The town is being over run with zombies. Can you survive with only a taser and a few weapons...?

Try to survive in the harsh environments. You can choose between two different gamemodes. Play with unlimited amounts of friends, or by yourself.

Created by: jimbosyn BlurryFace2016 and Doodler_who

Step 1: Download!

Just click Download, and put it into your Minecraft 'Saves' file


AS soon as you get on this map, type: /tp @p 1023 6 -178

Step 2: Credits

Credits go to: (Minecraft Usernames)

BlurryFace2016 (Me)



DO NOT recreate this map, and call it your own!

This is a minigame map.


NOTE: This map is strictly 1.9, it will not work at all in any other version.


Greywolfg (author)2016-04-06

Yeah so there's a glitch with the /setworldspawn in minecraft right now. I'v asked some of my friends and they said the same thing. But again, thanks for the feedback :D

Greywolfg (author)2016-04-06

True. But for some reason that never works for me. Thanks anyways! :D

Have you tried playing it with friends?

supernoodle2014 (author)2016-04-05

Just a bit of map making advice, you can type /setworldspawn to set the world spawn to you current location. Just a thought so every player doesn't have to teleport to the right spot.

Greywolfg (author)2016-04-04

Guys, one more thing. THIS MAP IS STRICTLY 1.9!

Using any other game version will not work at all!

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