Zombie Invasion





Introduction: Zombie Invasion

Zombies from the Walking Dead to World War Z to Resident Evil and more are all the rage giving you a wide array of zombie themed decorations for your Halloween haunt.

Step 1: Animatronics

Fright Props sells a large amount of zombie animatronics and props to choose from. I prefer the electronic or battery powered versions. They cost less and require less set up time. I set up a graveyard in my front lawn with tombstones and zombies bursting out of their graves.

Step 2: Decorations and Video

For the rest of the yard I wrapped the bushed in spider webs and place a red up light underneath. On the front windows I hung various types of wood, real and fake, to give the illusion of an abandoned and boarded up house that has been overrun by zombies. From the inside of the porch I projected a AtmosFear FX zombie video on to the windows. I also wrapped caution tape around the yard to keep people out and for an added effect.

Step 3: Live Zombies

I asked a few friends for come over to portray roaming zombies.

Step 4: Final Result




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    Thanks for sharing how you decorated your yard for Halloween. It looks great!