A "Walking Dead"-inspired zombie makeup. Custom foam latex appliance, PAX paint, alcohol-activated makeup, creme makeup, custom out-of-mouth dentures.

This is defiantly an ad. But when you follow the link to his blog, he has a link to one of Radioactive_Legos' instructables. <br>Why?
He is a friend as was kind enough to post my skeleton building tutorial on my behalf before I made my own account here. This is certainly not intended to be an ad. It was simply done for one of the photo only contests.
Zombie John Kerry?
That's amazing. Could you give instructions?
thats so cool
Yeah this isn't an instructable, it's an advertisement.
Yeah, this is pretty cool... BUT, it's not an instructable.
This looks so dam real!!!!! :/ ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!! O.o
Uh, that is so gross! Awesome job!

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