Transform a victim into the walking dead.  Loads of fun for parties, photo shoots, or just hitting the drive thru.

Superawesomeamazing photos: Raphael Leib.

Kind and patient model: Gustavo Bimbela

Step 1: Materials and supplies

Temptu Dura Palettes- Corpse, Trauma
Temptu Dura Liquid Kits- All Skin, Burn, Corpse
99% Alcohol
Setting powder appropriate for your model
Creme color in fire red and maroon

Airbrush (I used an Iwata Temptu SP-35)
Various brushes; I like taklon brushes for the alcohol and creme based makeups.
Q tips
Steel palette
Metal spatula

Prosaide (or equivalent; Johnson&Johnson Duo, etc.)
Fresh Liquid Latex
Old, congealed liquid latex (I save latex past it's prime just for stuff like this.)
1 ply toilet paper (NO TEXTURE!  MUST BE FLAT!)
SFX Gelatin (Gel FX or equivalent) in "skin" and "blood."
Ben Nye "Fresh Scab" 
Ben Nye "Clean Grease"
Ben Nye Tooth Color (I mixed "nicotine" and "black" to make a horrible brown.)

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