Zombie makeup examples done by me using different techniques.
<p>please please do an instructable</p>
<p>waaaao great job where can I get makeups</p>
<p>waaaao great job where can I get makeups</p>
Can u do an instructable of this please? It's been over 5 years since u said u would lol
&nbsp;OMG it looks so real. great job
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>These are cool. Will you be adding instructions to your instructable? </p>
<p>I think I&acute;m gonna try and get some decent shots this year...it&acute;s been a while since I uploaded anything here ;)</p>
cool i love to try it cool lol
These are phenomenal - is there an instruction page I am missing!?
no, I just did all the makeup here and forgot to take photos of the complete process but this year I'm going to make a whole instructable out of this so be sure to check the upcoming one...<br /> <br /> and thanks for the words...mean a lot to me!<br />
The bunny ears are particularly frightening with zombie make-up...
Great Job. Upcoming zombie weddings and easter eggs hunts?

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Bio: I adore fashion photography and everything related to fashion (specially makeup) so my instructables will be pretty much related to that area.
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