Zombie makeup examples done by me using different techniques.
Can u do an instructable of this please? It's been over 5 years since u said u would lol
kmeyers5 years ago
 OMG it looks so real. great job
invadersilke (author)  kmeyers11 months ago

thank you!

glen.ryerson.111 months ago

These are cool. Will you be adding instructions to your instructable?

invadersilke (author)  glen.ryerson.111 months ago

I think I´m gonna try and get some decent shots this year...it´s been a while since I uploaded anything here ;)

hayley985 years ago
cool i love to try it cool lol
swinding5 years ago
These are phenomenal - is there an instruction page I am missing!?
invadersilke (author)  swinding5 years ago
no, I just did all the makeup here and forgot to take photos of the complete process but this year I'm going to make a whole instructable out of this so be sure to check the upcoming one...

and thanks for the words...mean a lot to me!
canida6 years ago
The bunny ears are particularly frightening with zombie make-up...
norml6 years ago
Great Job. Upcoming zombie weddings and easter eggs hunts?