Picture of Zombie Makeup for a Tuesday
So, some friends and I decided to dress up as zombies and just go out on a Tuesday in DC. This instructable is how we put together these costumes along with documentation of what ensued.
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Step 1: Get Yo' Stuff

Picture of Get Yo' Stuff
For this costume, we decided to use a combination of materials around the house as well as some facepaint and liquid latex. I prefer to use water-based face paint for cosutmes like this because of how quickly and easily it washes off, not to mention how durable it is during your costumed adventures.

Pictured here are all the materials, and I'll list them below to tell you what I used them for.

Background face color:
White and green to give that skin a nice necrotic look. You can also dust a little corn starch over the paint for a crustier look.

Black and white facepaint.

Black, purple, yellow, and green facepaint.

Red facepaint as a base.
DIY face blood made with corn syrup and red food coloring. This is a super simple recipe- 1 drop food coloring to every 1 tablespoon corn syrup. You can even add a little cocoa powder for a darker color if you'd like.

Liquid latex and toilet paper.

Scabs and scrapes:
Liquid latex, coffee, and/or oat meal.

Step 2: It's All About the Base

Picture of It's All About the Base
Using your white facepaint and a sponge, apply the white base liberally to any skin that is showing. As I mentioned, I mixed in a little green paint to make the skin look a little more dead and eerie. For this particular facepaint, you just add water and then spread it around. It dries pretty quickly, and you may need to add a few coats to get the color you want.

Pro tip: Don't forget the ears!
ynze1 year ago
Nice project! You obviously had a lot of fun making it!