Picture of Zombie Makeup with Household Items
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This tutorial shows you how to get a good zombie look without using anything you don't already have!

For this makeup you'll need:
 -an eyeshadow pallet
 -red lipstick
 -craft/paper/elmers glue
 -red and green food coloring 
 -cocoa powder

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
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Squirt some craft glue onto a piece of paper, and use a q-tip to apply onto areas of the face. These will become the smaller rot/wounds.

Peel apart 1 ply from a tissue, and rip it into a piece the size of the palm of your hand. This will be a large rot/wound area. Apply a layer of glue to where you're going to apply it. When it's on your face, bunch it to look like peely, rotten flesh. Go over the edges of it with the gluey q-tip to make sure the edges stick to the face. 

Once all that is dry-ish, go over your whole face with foundation (powder will probably work better). Don't forget to pale your lips!

For the smaller rot/wounds without tissue, use tweezers to peel a hole or two in the middle of the glue, to give the appearance of a hole in the skin.

*N.B.- Really make sue you stick the edges to your skin. Other wise it won't blend in.
vincedavis1 year ago
That's cool that you made it easy to do AND CHEAP
jaszy2 years ago
very awesome job :)
shazni2 years ago
Thanks! very cool...especially as it's all household items .. we don't have any fancy pant stuff here. :-)
Very good work. Cheap, imaginative and artfully done.
Kiteman2 years ago
Cool project.

(Check your inbox, I've sent you a PM.)