Step 1: You Will Need:

A pair of scissors
I know right
What does this have to do with a zombie? <br>you just stuck a bunch of stuff to glasses... <br>If it had something like blood or brains or rotting flesh I could understand this being submitted to the zombie contest.
how is this in the epilog laser contest do you even know what a epilog laser is?
What should it be? It doesn't resemble a zombie, and it doesn't resemble anything else...
This isn't zombie ...
I meant to say what does he mean
survivorman371 is mean
What is that supposed to mean?
How is that suppose to be a zombie......?
Scotch taping nerf darts to prop glasses means zombie. Everyone knows that...
What is this<br/>
Looks like a troll job.
Looks like a troll job.
What the hell is that suppose to be.....?
What the hell is that suppose to be.....?

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