Picture of Zombie Nightmare
In this Instructable,  you will be shown how to turn an ordinary landscape into a grueling Halloween Zombie Rampant Nightmare.

The program I will be using is Photoshop CS5 but feel free to use other versions of Photoshop or editing software to complete your scene.

The steps I will be using are not difficult processes but some experience  with photo editing will simplify this step by step.
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Step 1: Preparing Photoshop and Choosing a Landscape

Picture of Preparing Photoshop and Choosing a Landscape
First Start by opening a new Photoshop document and saving the file with an appropriate title.

Next either select an image you would like using an internet browser, or maybe a digital photograph you have recently taken.
I have chosen a wooded landscape for this tutorial, and notice that it does not have to be a night scene.

Load the image into your Photoshop Document.

Step 2: Darken and Highlight

Picture of Darken and Highlight
Locate the menu bar and select the Image pull down tab.
Image----> Adjustments------> Black & White, and/or Brightness/Contrast.
Within the Adjustments menu, adjust the options in the black & and white category as well as the brightness to darken the image but still allow for highlighting of shapes and forms.

Step 3: Adding an Unsuspecting Subject

Picture of Adding an Unsuspecting Subject
Select an Image of a person to place into this scene and open the image into a new document.

Next carefully selecting the person in  this image with the quick selection tool; highlight their body and once selected drag them into your scene.

Once the subject is in the scene you may wish to scale them to make them larger or smaller. Go to the edit tab in the menu bar and select transform, then scale.
Edit-----> Transform-----> Scale.
Hold the shift key to transform the image proportionally.
ChrysN2 years ago
Nice photo edit. I like that you used a photo with the light streaming through the trees, that creates a cool effect.