In this Instructable,  you will be shown how to turn an ordinary landscape into a grueling Halloween Zombie Rampant Nightmare.

The program I will be using is Photoshop CS5 but feel free to use other versions of Photoshop or editing software to complete your scene.

The steps I will be using are not difficult processes but some experience  with photo editing will simplify this step by step.

Step 1: Preparing Photoshop and Choosing a Landscape

First Start by opening a new Photoshop document and saving the file with an appropriate title.

Next either select an image you would like using an internet browser, or maybe a digital photograph you have recently taken.
I have chosen a wooded landscape for this tutorial, and notice that it does not have to be a night scene.

Load the image into your Photoshop Document.
Nice photo edit. I like that you used a photo with the light streaming through the trees, that creates a cool effect.

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