What I am doing.
In this demonstration I will be showing you  how to draw a Halloween themed Zombie using Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. I am using the iPad 1 for this but you can easily follow along with any generation iPad. I am doing this with my finger but some of you might prefer to use a stylus and that's fine.

Keep it simple
Sketchbook Pro might look complicated at first but I will show you that without much technical knowledge you can use this app to paint creative illustrations. There are many different things you can do with brush settings and layer modes but I will not get into that this time. All the brushes I use here are in their default settings and layers will only have their opacity adjusted.

Tip: Along with Sketchbook Pro I recommend that you pick up Dropbox as well. This app allows you to easily share what you paint on your iPad with your Desktop or Mac. It links directly to Sketchbook Pro for easy exporting of both PNG and PSD file formats.

Step 1: Getting Started

Ready, Set , Go!
First open up Sketchbook pro after downloading the app in iTunes. In the bottom right hand corner you will see a “+” touch that to create and open a new canvas.
If you are not familiar with the app then I recommend that you touch the “i” inside the white circle on the top menu bar. Here you can access an online user manual to help you navigate your way around the app easily. It will only take a couple minuets and it covers everything you need to know about the tools and where they are located as well as touch and tap shortcuts. I have tagged areas of the screenshot to help you but don't let this take the place of looking over the user manual.

Need to knows
* Touching and holding your finger on the screen will bring up the Color Picker which allows you to select any color on your painting and then paint in that color.
* Save often by touching the Gallery button in the top left hand corner. It will take you back to the gallery, but touching the back tab also in the top left corner will quickly bring you back to your painting. This is a must because the app does not save your work automatically. I like to do it every time a create or merge a layer.
<p>hi, this is really cool, but I'm finding it really hard to usr my finger (thumb) (i don't have a stylus).. I wanna know how you create accurate lines with your finger</p><p>PS I use a small tablet</p>
This is absolutely excellent tutorial! This has helped understand how to make really great pictures in sketchbook pro, rather than forcing me to pay more than I am able to actually afford a program like adobe illustrator, or real art mediums. Thank you!
I really like your style! It reminds me of Justin Hillsgroves works. You should check him out you might like it too. Fantastic job!
Congratulations, hope to see more.
Thank you. I hope to have some more ideas of what to do.
Congratz on the winning the Judges prize and Happy Halloween!!!
I hope you had a fun and safe time.
Awesome job my friend!!!! Well deserved!
Thank You Keith
Very nice! You have my vote. I might be using this as a guide to make a dutch manual for Sketchbook pro for my students in secondary school.
Thank you Very much. I am glad you see it as being useful.
really good step by step, very helpfull
Awesome, glad you like it.
Thanks for sharing, Nice work on Deviant too.
Thank You John. I appreciate the deviant peek as well.
Awesome Work Joel!
Thank You Pro Keith.
I am a huge fan of this piece. You have my vote.
You Rock Thank You
GREAT work! Love it! You are a master!
Thanks man, I appreciate the support.
This is really good, nice one!

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