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Introduction: Zombie Portraits

About: I am an artist that works in many mediums of art from costumes, armor, props, painting, drawing, sculpting, modifications and digital art. My work typically involves Steam Punk, gothic, surrealism, Renaissa...

I am a huge fan of everything involving zombies especially the graphic novel series "The Walking Dead", so I figured I would share some zombified portraits I did for some fellow fans of the genre. Each piece was done using color pencil, ink and paint markers.



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    oh about that, for whatever reason when he asked me to do the portrait he did not want to show his identity so he blocked out the eyes. I pretty much just winged it from there

    nice artwork, check out www.wetcanvas.com, its a great forum for artists by artists of all mediums and skill levels

    These are brilliant!
    You should totally sell them online, I'd buy one :)