It's official- the zombie costume has dethroned the ol' hobo as the all time most popular last-minute costume. But note the eerie similarities:

1. Find clothes and ruin them
2. Make your face and hair a mess
3. Act drunk and hungry
4. Stumble around with a sack

1. Find clothes and ruin them
2. Make your face and hair a mess
3. Act drunk and hungry
4. Stumble around without a sack

Step 1: Because I don't want to disembowel myself.

There are two reasons to go the extra mile with a zombie costume:

1. You want party-goers to think your costume is cool.
2. You want to trick zombies so they don't eat you.

You will need:
A glue stick
A narrow thing that could penetrate skin
Enough extra skin to make a fold (on a part of your body that you can show people)

You can achieve this effect with just about any narrow object. I used wires and skewers. You could try screwdrivers, shards of wood, scissors, knitting needles, spikes, sticks... surprise me.

It's as simple as applying glue to your skin, letting it dry until tacky, applying the object and pinching the skin shut.

Hold the skin pinched until the glue dries. This seems like it would be painful but it isn't... nearly as painful as actual impaling. The kiddos didn't mind at all.

Next step has all the good pics. Click next.
<p>Freaky!!! I too thought it was real at one point. Wow.</p>
<p>so creepy I thought it was real</p>
<p>It looks so real.. Nice!</p>
Hahaha. Yes, it is. Thanks for the help.<br>DDC
I wouldn't do this only because of infection, especially with metal and tetanus.
<p>How the hell would you get tetanus if it didn't penatrate the skin?</p>
Yes, wrestling IS good. Apparently kexpert1700 is not also readingthispostexpert1700. The point is that this is a nice way to achieve the impaling effect without having to get all the shots.
It looks so real!
Doctor who first of all 2nd I thought when I saw the pic u stuck a skewer through yourself 0-o
I've seen it done with rubber cement!
I remember seeing a performance artist in central park who could actually stick a knitting needle thru his arm. this wasn't an illusion, I was standing right there beside him. yuck!
I'm too thin to do this :P lolz jk nice job
what type of glue do you use?
Awesome! Ad a tube of cheap halloween fake blood from pretty much any supermarket and people are urgently asking me if I need help?! :D
kewl. me likes, will use it to scare hells out of wife!
way too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once you are done grossing out people, how do you undo this?
Just wipe it with a wet cloth and it will dissolve pretty quickly. If you use contact cement you will have a hard time getting it apart and even then you need to rub the residue off. Happy Halloween!
LOL now you can be with Bill Murray (if u kniw what im talking about) Nice work!
Funny that even without the zombie apocalypse the predicted Twinkie shortage became a reality. People everywhere turned not into zombies but into Tallahassee looking for that elusive last twinkie.
anyone have makeup tips to make this look as real as in these photos?
I've never used a glue stick before to do this, always rubber cement. A glue stick is much easier to carry around!
Nice work! :)
This blows my mind!!!!!
i am always looking for 'something' to go the extra mile to make a costume better! this looks like a weiner!
It wont work with me :/
Well look at you - winning another one! Good job!!!
1. Don't look at the photos, in that case, you big baby. I bet no one ever complained about not liking the photos on your i'bles ;) <br>2. What do you mean, 'Winning another one?' Do you have the inside track because of your prolificacy and popularity and if so... <br>3. PM me; we have much to discuss. <br>Friends, DDC <br> <br>
Hey there! Well, you're a finalist and in that case, a winner already! :) Of yet another contest - great job!!!! And you are super popular on here mr!
And PS - this is so disgusting I can hardly look at the photos!!!!!!!! I hope you win and I don't want to see this again!!! Lol
I think that it only works for people who are dehydrated....I can't do it, my skin won't stretch like that.
Ha! I've been an RN for 8 years and I do tend to get dehydrated when I'm at work but rest assured that my kids are not! <br>I wonder if the hydration of your atmosphere (humidity) may be making your attempts difficult. We took these photos in the early spring when it was still frozen and dry outside. <br>Being dehydrated may actually help, really, though I don't recommend it. Google &quot;turgor pinch skin test&quot; to see what I mean.<br>Good luck amethyst!<br>DDC
that's just plain scary
Here is my response to you . . . BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAA!!!!! By the way, commenters, I did in fact take part in being impaled. &gt;:]
I do think that your arm turned out the best, Claramecium. I wonder if you could April Fools your school nurse next year...
Freaky cool!! Will definitely add this to idea collection for costumes!
My brother pooped his pants when I tripped in saying I got robbed and they stabbed me
Woah, make up artists would use spirit gum and scar wax and foundation and all that when all you used is glue
This made my skin crawl! It looks so real! Costume problem solved!
Wow, that's just ... I mean, wow. Save close inspection in the original size photographs, that looks way legit. How long does the glue hold up?
I have to say that's pretty convincing. It might be better, though, to just use some kind of fake skin to be safe, I can't imagine that pinching your skin like that for any significant length of time is good for you.
This is great, though not nearly as convincing if you have as many tattoos as I. <br>
Ha! That does limit your options. I guess you'll just be eaten like the rest of us.
That looks so real! Scarily so! <br>How does the skin end up looking so smooth? Also, what type of glue stick is that? Do you need a particular type? I haven't tried this but I can't imagine any of the glue sticks I have at home holding this, at least very long.
There is a seam, of course but it can be minimized by over-coating it with more glue. The sticks I had 25 years ago seemed to do the trick as well as the modern ones do. I was literally doing this when I was a little boy. I just thought everyone knew about it until yesterday!
Wow, thanks. I showed my daughter and she is horrified. She can't believe you haven't really stuck wire and skewers through your and your children's skin! <br>
LOL. This is so much fun. <br>I'm so gonna try this.
Very realistic looking. Here's an authentic <a href="http://www.diypics.com/make-better-fake-blood/" rel="nofollow">fake blood</a> recipe&nbsp;
Cool but creepy

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