Picture of Zombie Pumpkin Bas Relief
So I was inspired by the Bas Relief pumpkin instructible last year to make a passable Frankenstein pumpkin. I decided this year to try it again using some lessons I learned, only I had a rumble in my tummy for BRAAAAINS.
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Step 1: Tools

Gather your supplies:
Carving supplies:
    Xacto Knife Handle
    Xacto Keyhole Saw Blades
    Xacto Router Assortment (scraping/digging)
    Large Nail (yes really)

I think it's about $5 for the Pumpkin and about $40 for the knife set. I bought the knives about 3 years ago and I'm still on the same blades.

If you are reading this, but are just going to end up carving a 2 dimension pumpkin (light and dark), the Keyhole Saw Blades are awesome and beat the grocery store kit saws hands down.

Step 2: Zombies Shmombies/Mummies Smummies

Picture of Zombies Shmombies/Mummies Smummies
MummyFinalStencil - Copy.jpg
First on the docket was to find a good stencil from which I would have a good starting point. I think I searched "Mummy Stencil" in a search engine's image search and got the first picture. Turns out it's a stencil someone created from the 1932 "The Mummy" movie. Not knowing about the movie, I thought "why would someone name this Zombie picture as a Mummy?" Either way I had my starting stencil and a plan.

The first thing I did was a very technical process where I opened the picture in paint and replaced most of the black with grey.  My wife would be upset if I used all the black ink just to print a zombie's background in black. How would she print coupons?

For those of you who don't know, it's just open the picture in Paint, then click grey, then click the paint bucket, then click anything you want to be grey, then save the file.

I also drew a line through the center of his face where the transition from the lighted side to the darker side would be. More on that later.
bricobart2 years ago
Awesome job, this one beats all the rest!!!
This looks so good. :D

I agree with the real final step bit - I do that lots of the time too!
Me too. Your design and illumination caught my eye. Very good!
Ogreasaurus (author)  chefsea2 years ago
Thanks both of you! I'm very excited that my first instructable has been so well received.