Introduction: Zombie Shooting Box

Children play computer games all day. There are no other activities for children to do.Today, try to make toys for children. Is a zombie shooting box Very useful It's both a home game that plays the whole family. As the storage of guns and ammunition It is also a home decorating lamp on Halloween.

Step 1: First Step Preparation Material

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I use plywood width of 13 cm, length 60 cm for the sides and 40 cm for the top. 8 Inner Corner. There is a plywood thin 4 mm. wide 40 cm. long 60 cm. front and back.

Step 2: ​The Second Step Is Polished and Lateral Assembly.

Picture of ​The Second Step Is Polished and Lateral Assembly.

Sand the wood with a sanding machine to remove all the burrs. Then glue on the inside wooden corners on either side. And wait until the adhesive is dry, then bring all 4 pieces together.

Step 3: Cut Top Out

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Before gluing, I forgot to make the top slot. So I have to use hand saws.

Step 4: Assembling the Back Panel

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Glue the edge of the wood. Then stick the wood. And fastened with a nail

Step 5: Front Design

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While waiting for the glue to dry. I search for the desired image from the internet. Then designed with CorelDRAW. If anyone wants to download the file I design.

Step 6: Laser Cutting

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Bring the designed file to the laser cutting machine. But if anyone does not have a laser cutter. It would have to use a jigsaw instead. Not difficult because the details are not much.

Step 7: Paint

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I use black paint to paint zombies and inside of the box

Step 8: Install the Lights.

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Drill the hole in the back so that it can be plugged in. I use LED Strip stick with hot glue.

Step 9: Keep Details.

Picture of Keep Details.

I use hot glue with rope attached to the circular sign from the inside.

The hinges are closed for opening and closing. And finally, shut the front panel together and shoot with the nail.

Step 10: Finished

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Children like and play the whole family. Playable both in indoors and outdoors and can be a toy storage. And ornamental lamps on Halloween


CalebGreer (author)2017-09-28

This is a cute idea. Nice work.

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