Picture of Zombie Slaying Axe For Zombie Invasion
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Step 1: Collecting recourses

Picture of Collecting recourses
first get a hammer and super glue and a stick and a rock and a coin and a metal stick

Step 2: Carving

Picture of carving
Get a coin and the end of your hammer and carve the rock into a axe shape.

Step 3: Carving A Hole

Picture of Carving A Hole
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Now use the metal stick and carve a strate line where you want your handle to be.

Step 4: Glueing

Picture of Glueing
13, 4:22 PM.jpg
13, 4:22 PM.jpg
Super glue the stick put it in the hole and the put super glue on the tip of the stick then sprinkle dust from when you carved and sprinkle it over the stick

Step 5: Done

Picture of done
Wate for the glue to dry and go slay some zombies
aran1501 year ago
That is the sorriest excuse for a weapon I have ever seen in my life. Look, kid, you can't slay a single zombie with a rock on a twig. What you do is, find thick sheet metal and cold forge an axe head and then attach that to a proper handle, or even a thick carved plank. Don't try to use glue.