It is Z-day. Zombies are everywhere. As they tear into you, you wonder why you weren't prepared. Now you can be! In this guide, I will show you how to become an invincible zombie slaying survivor. I will take you through all the necessities to proper survival.

Step 1: Primary Firearm-Assault Rifle

To survive the zombie apocalypse without running and hiding ( which is always an option) you will need to be well armed. The firearm is the most effective zombie defense weapon you can carry. As seen in the picture, the M4A1 carbine is by far the best weapon you can find. Some will argue that the AK-47 is the superior zombie killing weapon. They have obviously watched to many movies and have never operated with an AK. Yet it is a great zombie defense firearm with its pros and cons. Pros of the AK-47: It is practically indestructible. It can work and shoot in any condition. It is very accurate with a long range. The ammunition and firearm itself is easy to find especially at Fleet Farms. The AK is also very small and light. It also has a wicked bayonet with wire cutters. The AK-47 is also manufactured in 5.45x39mm which is copied from the M4's 5.56 NATO round or more known as the .223 round. Cons of the AK-47: It is not as easy to field strip or disassemble as the M4. The AK does not have terrible recoil but it is hard to control. The AK is hard to bench rest ( resting the barrel and stock on something to increase accuracy) because of its large, lumpy clip. The M4A1 Carbine or the civilian AR-15 are based on Eugene Stoner's AR-10 which led to the first M-16. It is rumored that the military has lied saying the M4 is better than the AK-47. If it is, the U.S. military would have switched to an AK design a long time ago and other countries like Germany wouldn't have made there own version of the M4. Yeh, the guys who invented the assault rifle. The M4 will be not that hard to find in a zombie apocalypse because of the amount of military personal deployed who may have lost there lives. The AR-15, which is the semi-automatic version, may be easier to find. The ammo for the M4/ AR-15 is easy to find. I have read that deep in the zombie filled future, all ammo will be used and we will be left with mid evil types of fighting yet there is a way to extend the ammunition period. This is called reloading or making your own homemade bullets. This would be easier to reload than the AK's 7.62x39mm round because finding the 5.56x45mm's brass shell cases fired from military personnel whom wouldn't waste time picking up their brass. The M4/AR-15 is also simple to operate and field strip. It does jam more than the AK-47 but it is easier to disassemble. The AR-15 is semi-automatic or fires on shot per trigger pull but there are special stocks which use the recoil to make it like fully automatic. These are also available for the AK-47.
and I don't think there's a shotgun gauge bigger than 12 gauge
<p>AA12 full auto shotgun is way better</p>
<p>ten gauge</p>
You know, if you had but googled zombie armour, you woulda come across the zombiegoboom video where they made arm bracers from shoes. Which would actually be bite proof, unless you use converse or something. And you'd be so dead of dehydration. You have supplies for one or two days. You really think enough people will die in that time for you to scavenge their food and water? And your first stuff kit is lacking. You'll need suture kits, quick clot, etc for large wounds. Having needle and thread separated like that will kill you, it isn't sterile and you really think you can thread a needle whole fishing blood from a wound? Short of an army medic, that kind of hand dexterity in a highly hostile situation is nigh impossible. And you have no rope or fire starting tools, both of which are necessary in any form of a life endangering situation.
<p>It is so funny you all speaking about a ridiculous weapon which won't save you. If you are in the street or in an open field during a &quot;zombie apocalipse&quot; you will be like a bistec in a wolven cave. In case of an apocalypse zombie, the first you will need is a safety refugee with an scape way and a strong vehicle to resist the travels between the zombies hordes. Think it: the zombies probably wil be countes by thousands, even millions; and for sure you will be without bullets and tired of fighting previous to kill all them. Weapons are importante, of course, but get more worried about find a secure refugee and some food, this will be your inmmediate problems.</p>
<p>Plastic sickles and airsoft toys won't help you much. </p>
I wasn't going to grab my real AR-15 so I used my airsoft.
Ya, &quot;my real one was to far away&quot; this is damn funny
That's cute, when you show me your M1919 you constructed and riveted piece by piece, you come talk to me. Anyway, it's about opinion. I find the AR platform to be easier to field strip than the AK platform. There are several different kinds of 7.62 rounds not just NATO. A field stripped AR is just popping the pins and extracting the receiver
Thats cute, it aint like ya got an airsoft gun for your picture. I dont understand any of this, do people take this seriously?
Your knowledge of firearms is VERY limited.
And an the edged weapon is a katana? They are very brittle, it would be much better to use a ka-bar knife, they are near indestructible and you can use it to chop wood, unlike a katana
92fs? Just because the military uses something doesn't mean it's good. 92fs's aren't very reliable, I would suggest a glock or 1911
yes 10 gauge I forgot :)
also the Germans didn't copy the m4 the Russians copied the sturmgewehr 1943 and made the ak47
the ak is not accurate long range. it's accurate to 200-300m
As well as 20 Guage and 12 Guage can have the same size&quot;BB's&quot; or shot just the 12 Guage shell holds more. The judge is garbage. The .308 isn't a NATO Rd it's SAAMI Rd 7.62x51 is the NATO Rd. I know it's a zombie thread here and fun and games but stop playing gun expert here champ.
Your knowledge of firearms is laughable. field strip an ak is a little easier. receiver cover, return spring, bolt carrier bolt that's it. ar15. pull receiver pin remove career pull fire pin retaining pin, remove firing pin, remove cam pin, remove bolt from carrier. AK Rd isn't a &quot;long range&quot; Rd and isn't very accurate at those long ranges it's flight path is very &quot;rainbowed&quot; also the primer used in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 isn't really reloadable and most combloc ammo is steel cased another reason you won't reload it. I think your family has firearms and you get the rest of your knowledge from YouTube top 10 videos and video games.
I'm not saying they will be fully auto. The odds of finding a fully auto. I would never take a bolt unless I have to take long range shots. Your screwed with a bolt if you get surrounded. A melee weapon is a must have but make sure you can carry it.
LOL @ the idea of using a full-auto rifle or SMG. <br>A semi or bolt action would be much more useful - only headshots count. <br>Pistols are only useful if you practice often - otherwise they are useless out side of 15 feet. <br>An axe handle or ice pick or framing hammer would be way more useful to that average person than a sword - just about anybody can hit a watermellon with a claw hammer. <br>Full auto SMGs, rifles, and machine guns ARE LEGAL IN THE US - you have to fill out a ton of paperwork and send it to the FBI for approval prior to transfer, just like SRB/SBS, suppressors, stocked pistols, etc.
Ak-47 a pistol[not called a automatic]m1911 12 Remington and a m40a3 rifle broski
That's a good idea. Designing a weapon to your comfort would be the best idea for melee weapons but its not an option for some
You rely to much on firearms. Yes they're fairly abundant. But you should rely a little more on a skill. Like wielding a blade. Or some thing more crafty. Design and test your own arsenal. You'll have all the time in the world once it hits.
Yes, the SMG is fully optional but hard to find. I just wanted to include it
Yeah you don't really need an SMG. All you really need is a handgun and a regular semi auto rifle or a full auto.
I wanted to make it clear and not confuse people between the 74 and the 47. For some, the AK is easy to strip but it is not as simple as the M4
bro bro bro bro no 5.45 is for the ak 74 the ak 47 fires the 7.62x39 but it doesnt have that yaw of a 5.56 so I would go with the ak 74m and all ak strip easy <br>
Yes, it is up to you. Remember to pack light in the apocalypse.
Do you choose which Primary you want? if not then Woah that'll be heavy!!
Yes it's not pierce proof, sorry I didn't make myself clear but if is bite proof. When you become infected, your teeth don't change
Woven kevlar fiber isn't pierce/bite proof.
So when the zombie apocalypse happens ill grab my air soft

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