Zombie Tag





Introduction: Zombie Tag


 Pretty much straight forward but can get confusing sometimes.

Step 1: Choose a Zombie

 You will need
a large open space such as a park (do NOT play at night with small children)
a group of friends (15-25 people)
ONE person to be a zombie
everyone else is human

Step 2: How the Zombie(s) Must Act

 A zombie can NOT run and must groan every so often (every, maybe, 2-3 minutes)
Once you are touched by a zombie you must become one (NO exceptions)

Step 3: How Humans Must Act

 Act like a human (BE YOURSELF)
And RUN from the zombies

Step 4: How to Win

 You win by being the last human
You may NOT arm yourself
If you become a zombie intentionally, that ruins the game for everyone else
Remember, safety in numbers does nothing except turn your group into zombies
Zombies, REMEMBER, groups of humans are good targets and groups of zombies work well

You may NOT pretend to be a zombie

Step 5: Suggested Playing Fields

 Any large open area will do but I prefer
A park
A forest
An abandoned area with buildings
A campsite

Step 6: A New Piece for a More Interesting Game

I will now allow the use of MID- TO LOW-POWERED airsoft guns.  Zombies can not use guns (obviously), but if you want a CHALLENGE, then allow zombies to use PISTOLS ONLY.  As usual, you are a Zombie if you are touched and in this case, shot.  ZOMBIES CANNOT DIE!!!!!!
If a Zombie is shot, he or she must stand still for 30 seconds.  If getting shot confuses you (if it does, then, no offense, THERE IS SOME THING WRONG WITH YOU) then you can use paintball guns.



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    Saw this on Castle and a subculture that was huge.I'll show up with my Ghost rider in full flame and collect your soles. lol way fun I gotta play. check out my ghost rider on fire driving into parking lot video on my instructable.and please vote on the Halloween and villain contests.


    i cut my friends face when i did this i always keep a knife just in case not that i need it seeing that i can kill 70% of people with my bare hands

    Man, this game is fun with any number of people(:
    I've done it with like 10 or 15 people, and with 4 people(including myself).
    I gotta say, this is one of the best party games ever.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the comment!


    I've never played this before. How does a zombie (let's say the first one) that's not allowed to run/walk fast, ever get close enough to touch a human, who, presumably will always see him coming and just run away?

    1 reply

    This is possible by either the human tiring out or the zombie using a surprise tactic. If it were easy, then my Troop would never play it.


    This game has inspired a new iPhone app. Now you can play Zombie Tag all over the world. It's pretty fun but would be better with more people:

    1 reply

    That's awesome. Did you develop this game? I hope to play it some day.


    i like the game but one thing you should let people modify but i get the idea nice thinking

    2 replies

    we played this at school with about 25 people and i was the last survivor they all came around a corner and i was hiding on the bleachers and i took off running onto the field i would of lived execpt lot of them ran.

    3 replies

    Did you not explain the rules or is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with them???

    i explained them but apparently they were just "fast" walking

    Tell them that fast walking is not allowed anymore (for the Zombies) and that they can now only SLOW walk. Yeno34, feel free to add on synonyms to "fast" as you please (i.e. speedy, quick, long-stride, not slow, etc.)

     Thanks!  Have fun playing it and try to have at least 15 friends with you!!!

     This is a game, not a war.