Step 5: Pouring Grey Matter!

Okay, I just used a spoon.  Once it was to the color I desired, I got a spoon full of chocolate, dropped a small dollop into the brain cavity and poked it down with the tip of the spoon.  You want to put less chocolate if you want to put things inside of your candy.  Just remember to make room, so that you can seal the top of it.  ( Put 1/4 full of chocolate, then filling, then top it off with another small dollop.  Use your spoon to smooth out the peak and you're done!

Fillings I used:  blood mixture, heath toffee crunchy candy stuff, marshmallows, sugared jelly candy.
what is the zrs <br>
Absolutely Beautiful! Im off to find a brain mold! <br><br>Now i hate white chocolate but you could paint the molds with the chocolate until theres a decent layer of the 'green' chocolate... then proceed to fill the rest with Dark chocolate! that way you get the chocolate you like and it still looks like a brain!<br><br>:) It works, i've done it before on christmas molds with different colours<br><br>Thanks so much!
where did you get the brain mold??
it's Wilton brand, silicone, i think... and i got it on clearance around halloween. maybe walmart or michaels? i forgot. :( and i believe it's an ice mold. :)
Unfortunately Wilton has discontinued that mold now, it may be found on ebay or something similar by another company. I bought a silicon skull ice cube mold at the dollar tree around halloween this year, not quite the same but similar.
Me too! These are delish. Uh, you do need to change your search tags because the one about Keanu Reeves is mean and a little sick.
Awesome! :) Love Zombies and Fido is one of my favorite Zombie flicks. Great job and great idea! Have to make these! Wondering if I could just coat the moulds in the chocolate and then put them together with a cake ball in the middle to make brain cake balls. Mmmm mmmm would have been great to serve with my zombie cake! Now to try to carve out some time to make these... Can't wait for Halloween to try them. Besides, any day of the year is a great day for zombies!
i say that you host a scary movie weekend and make those cake brains! :D just coat them with a good layer of chocolate so it won't break. and blood to dip? hahah.
All the chocolates are yummy, but the toffee brains are my favorite! going to get another right now!
This is a very well documented 'ible and a very clever idea, but do you think you could perhaps cut down on the number of times you use "Zombie". It just becomes a tad repetitive to read after a while.<br /><br />Alternatives: the Undead, Lurkers, Infectees, Corpsenators, the Afflicted, the Unconsecrated, Living Impaired, or Keanu Reeves.
Be fair, Keanu isn't a zombie, he's just an immortal demon. Although I will agree his acting skills are on par with zombies.
are you guys talking about the movie Constantine? lol
zombie word was used only 5 times in the entire instructable... is that repetitive?
I totally know where you're coming from, I like to mix things up when I blog and write. But, I am a purist, and I know that sounds uber nerdy. I love your list of alternatives but those words don't mean the zed-word to me, lol. I have a word-thing. I still heart you, SHIFT and want to thank you for the compliment! And apologies for the verbiage.
good :)
You're sick. I love it! Brain food!
Those are so cool! Mmmm chocolate brainssss!

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