Introduction: Zombie Weapon: THE BACHETE

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Hello everybody! Today I will be showing you how to build my awesome apocalyptic zombie weapon. I call it the BAHETE! (Baseball bat Machete) Anyway let's get to building!

Shopping list:

Wood baseball bat

Machete blade

Assorted nuts and bolts

Spray paint


Tools needed:

Skill saw or table saw

Angle grinder


Electric sander

Step 1: Watch Video

Watch the video, it will really help describing things with greater detail than I can on here.

Step 2: Tape Job

Picture of Tape Job

This is something I added to it after I had made that video, its not like the tape really helps you, but it looks cool so I decided to put it on. It is just half the width of a piece of athletic tape wrapped spirally down the handle, one piece in each direction.

Step 3: Kill Zombies!

Picture of Kill Zombies!

Now that you have your bachete made you will be able to survive the zombie apocalypse without a sweat!

Questions, comments? Leave them below or feel free to email me at and while you're at it go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel for more builds like this one in the future.


Bluefang37 (author)2016-11-20


deus ex (author)2015-09-12

any idea how to stabilize it's integrity after several uses against something harder than fruit or ballistics gel ie.wood

kit1234able (author)2015-05-14

Damn, that's OP.

r.tisdale (author)2015-01-30

I made 10 of these and if
U like survival check out my user

PaleHorseRider (author)2014-11-20

How 'bout this.

I'll make it with my friends!

nwalt31 (author)PaleHorseRider2014-11-20

Just don't use it on your friends! haha happy building! :)

PaleHorseRider (author)nwalt312014-11-20

Time to go make a target dummy!

PaleHorseRider (author)2014-11-18

Most epic thing I have ever seen.

I shall make this for my friends :D

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